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Vaasthu 3 – October 1st, 2008

Mr. Perichiappan,

These days, children’s education is the first and foremost to majority of the parents. Creating an ambiance in   accordance with vasthu will help foster student’s level of understanding. Especially, in the  case of students who are very bright but are not able to explore themselves to their fullest. Many a  time students complain that they are  not able to concentrate , learn or  recall what they have read .The  solution to these problems was formulated by our ancestors in the form of the directional science of Vaastu Shastra. For students eager to perform well , here are a few techniques. If the students follow these, then they can progress well.

The study room and the doors should be built either in the East, North or the North-East direction of the house for the best of results.

These directions will enhance the children’s absorbing capacity and will help enrich their IQ.
The study room should have the images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati.
The books in the study chamber should be kept in the South-West, South or West direction and not in the North – East. In addition to that if the north – east direction of the study room bears heavy weight it may pressurize the students’ mind.

The table and chair, in which the children sit and study, should be three feet away from the wall. Discard the unnecessary books and arrange the necessary books in a closed cupboard, in order to maintain good flow of energy. The table lamp should be kept in the South-East corner of the desk. The study table, square in size is the best. Further the size of the study table should not be too big or too small. It should be just the size which is comfortable to the student. A big sized table reduces the working capacity, whereas the small size table leads to depression.

The walls of the study room should be painted in light orange in colour as it is very auspicious. This has gained a great importance because it is result oriented and experience based science. It is a science of event manifest. It builds a beautiful bridge between inner spaces and outer spaces. It transforms voids into spaces which are wombs of creation, care and comfort. It defines one’s path effortlessly and subtracts natural hindrance and blockage. It creates a positive relationship between microcosm i. e. individual and macrocosm i. e. outer world. Little rectification in personal holistic alignment on the cosmic reference changes the goal, destiny and end. Since it is holistic in nature it effects at three levels of individual viz. physical phenomenal, psychological and spiritual which are the basic dimensions of human existence. As it deals on micro level existence of body, mind and intellect, it’s by laws, rules and regulations need a comprehensive conceptual perception. Any divisive an analytical effort to diagnose its dimensions will lead to futility and confusion.

All inquiry in mystique behavior of nature may not satisfy the quarrelling thought and nagging mind, but it’s practical reflection in available range of spectrum gives a hope to inquiry and a new way to ponder Vastushastra being a super science and multidisciplinary based on basic knowledge of Yoga. Astro, Vastu and Science practician’s responsibility to gauge the event is very difficult and it is ridiculous to make tall and high claims while forecasting. The basic elements of Vastu being five great elements, eight directions, sun and moon streams, deities in Vastu-purush mandal, study of vibrations, waves of sound and light, permutations and combinations of all these things, it is evident to say that it is a very complex subject. Any change in Dik i. e. direction reflects in change of events in one’s life.

Maximize use of the north direction. Face the north when working. You will be blessed by Kuber, the god of wealth.

Eating and drinking when facing the north energises you. For good health, point your feet to the north while sleeping. Never block the north. Place a looking glass on the north wall to enhance its effects. Decorate the northeast corner, illuminate it and keep fresh flowers there. The presence of water strengthens the northeast; put in a fountain for prosperity. Don’t place large furniture or storage units. Try to block the west. Avoid openings like doors and windows; they drain away your money. Light pure sandalwood incense to cleanse the atmosphere. Or put some sea salt in the water used for mopping the floor. Create a strong energy environment around you. Good lighting, maintaining cleanliness and using soothing colours in combination with sharp colours are some steps to achieve this. Let energy flow freely in front of you. Never work on a table pushed up against a wall. This obstructs energy flow towards you. Making a big bookshelf on the table also hampers energy flow.

Hands and fingers carry all the energy of our bodies. All the five elements are available on our fingers. One should not rotate or use one’s fingers without reason. Some people clap tables or their bodies, which is inauspicious. Such actions drain the body of energy. Sitting with crossed arms and legs block positive energy from coming into your life. These postures reflect a negative attitude towards life. One should always sit upright and erect. This is a smart posture. It helps in the free flow of energy from the base of the spine to all parts of the body.

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