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Kamala Club

The Kamala Club, Singapore, is a non-profit organisation inaugurated in 1950 by the first Prime Minister of India,  Mr Jawaharlal Nehru. Mr Nehru then was making his first visit to Singapore. The club being a woman’s club, it was obviously named after his wife ‘Kamala’. It’s objectives are to promote social, charitable, cultural activities among the local Indian Community and various under-privileged groups in Singapore. It is interesting to know that a club-house through donations and fund raising was opened in 1957 at Moulemein Road which was a first women club house in Singapore built by a women contractor.

Until 1980s, the club’s meetings used to take place there. when it was acquired by the Government for road development. Now the club has its meeting in the member’s house who both are local Indians and expatriates. The club has to be saluted for its various contributions towards many causes both helping the underprivileged and for enriching social and cultural activities.

To name a few, as per the President Mrs Raja Chowdari, the club has recently donated S$100,000 in support of the education of female Indian Singaporean students. The funds which involves a medal will be awarded annually from July 2018. Out of this fund, a bursary have been started from coming August for the above said students. The club has already donated some funds to Singapore Indian Education Trust. Apart from this, the club has been donating to various old age homes and others. Their monthly activities include health talks, Yoga Classes, cookery classes etc,, and their annual events include celebrations of Dandiya, Holi and Deepavail, which are Indian festivals.