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Holi is the festival of colours. It also is the on-set of summer. There would be hardly any Indian who has not played with colours, water balloons, pichkari and eaten delicious sweets specially made during this time.

As usual, this year also the committee members at The Kamala Club started planning for Holi. There was a big question in front of the committee- How to bring the members together and also manage the constraints. It was impossible to use the same formula of celebration which is used every year. The committee members “chose to challenge” the normal and came up with a new definition of celebrating Holi. Now the idea was to spread across the Island and paint Singapore Red. Involve as many members as possible, create small groups, decide the activity, decide the location and have fun. 6 groups were created, and every group had a unique way of celebrating. One group went to Coney Island for a health walk, another one performed Yoga at home followed by snacks and tea, at Jurong West- A house party was organised with potluck, East Coast group went for a picnic, Tanjong Rhu group went out to a nearby restaurant, another one had a pool side get together. While it was not the usual celebration, but every member involved enjoyed the festival and made it memorable in their own way.

Smita Wargantiwar


The Kamala Club Singapore

Photo:  Kamala Club

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