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GOPIO – SINGAPORE stands for Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin, Singapore Chapter.

GOPIO is accredited by the United Nations as a Non-Government Organisation and it is recognized as a secular, non-religious and non-political global organization. GOPIO Singapore was inaugurated here in 2002 and is a registered society under the Registrar of Society since 2002. Today, there are more than 30 GOPIO Chapters and with around 30 million People of Indian Origin worldwide. With this large group of people, a new global community of Indian origin has been developed. Most of the people of Indian origin have become highly successful in business and the profession. If their professional expertise and financial resources are to be pooled together, it will benefit not only people of Indian origin but also their countries of residence and India..
GOPIO – SINGAPORE, aims to bring People of Indian Origin in Singapore and the World together to promote their interests- Professional, Cultural and Social with a view to realizing their maximum potential in the service of global peace, prosperity, happiness and compassion. In addition, GOPIO· SINGAPORE,
1. provides a platform for People of Indian Origin in Singapore and the world to network together for mutual development and advancement.
2. To promote the common cultural heritage and legacy of Indians in Singapore and abroad.
3. To synergize professional and intellectual resources of Indians in Singapore and the world in order to realize their maximum potentials.
4. To make a difference with their contributions to Singapore, India and the world
5. To contribute to global peace, prosperity, happiness and compassion
GOPIO Singapore collaborates with many local Indian Organisations to organise events for the local Indian community. Besides, GOPIO Singapore also partners with other GOPIO chapters to organise Business Networking Forums and Students’ Exchange Programs. *