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The Tamil Language Council (TLC) was formed in 2000 under the auspices of the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts (MICA). It comprises representatives from the education sector, community organisations, arts groups and the media. The Council aims to create greater awareness and encourage the use of Tamil language among the various sections of the Tamil people, in particular the youth.

The TLC conducts the annual Tamil language Festival (TLF) in April. An important partner for the TLF is the Tamil Language and Learning Promotion Committee (TLLPC) of the Ministry of Education. TLLPC’s strategic focus is to promote the speaking and learning of Tamil among students.

More than Forty Singapore Tamil organisations of various backgrounds participate in the TLF each year, with a number of interesting and innovative programmes reaching out to a wide cross-section of the community. Over the past twelve years, the Festival that was started in 2007 with just 10 events has grown to more than 40 a year. The TLC undoubtedly plays an important role in creating avenues for all sections of the Tamil community in Singapore to celebrate and enrich the language and to “Love Tamil and Speak Tamil”.