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Indian Women’s Association is a VWO with a very enthusiastic team working seamlessly for the last 22 years in the integration of the expat Indian Women and their families into Singapore. Launched as the Expatriate Indian Women’s Association (EIWA), under the patronage of the High Commission of India on September 20, 1997, the charter was subsequently changed to include all Indian Women residing in Singapore, and the name was changed to Indian Women’s Association, Singapore to reflect this change. 

The purpose of this social non-profit organization’s mission has been to provide a “home away from home.” Membership was opened to Women of Indian Origin and Women married to Indian Men as well residing in Singapore. The Associate Membership has also been extended to women of all races and ethnicities who are interested in the events and clubs.

With the IWA Vision of Care, Connect and Celebrate at the forefront we aim to serve various I-Care projects with active volunteers for the elderly, women, children, and migrant workers. IWA works closely with local Singaporean organizations and other integration partners to work of the mission set out by the local authorities. We connect with our two bazaars every year which give a great opportunity to women entrepreneurs in Singapore to showcase their products and grow their business. 

The profits from these bazaars are channeled towards student education, elderly care, migrant workers and various Singapore outreach projects. With 300 plus members, the organization is committed to working for any cause for the good of the members, society and the country.

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