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The Indian Activity Executive Committees Council or Narpani Pearavai is the coordinating body for the Indian Activity Executive Committees (IAECs). It acts as a catalyst enabling Indian Singaporeans to contribute positively as active citizens. Narpani Pearavai organises many events annually at the Constituency, District and National levels.

The functions of Narpani Pearavai are to:

Guide IAECs in engaging the community through a wide range of outreach programmes; Assist IAECs and other GROs to identify and recruit suitable Indian grassroots leaders and Facilitate collaborations between IAECs and other Grassroots Organisations (GROs) in the community.

Indian Activity Executive Committees

The Indian Activity Executive Committees (IAECs) organise cultural, educational, social, recreational and sporting activities to promote mutual respect and harmonious relations between Indians and other communities.

The IAECs work closely with other grassroots organisations (GROs) to open up opportunities for Indians and other Singaporeans to interact and build mutual understanding.