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Ms Indranee Rajah, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and second Minister for Finance, and Second Minister for National Development with the dignitaries

The Tamil Language Council (TLC) is pleased to present ‘Aatral’ (Capabilities), as this year’s theme for the Tamil Language Festival (TLF) 2024. As testimony to the community’s capacity and partners capabilities, TLF 2024 is also supported by nine new partners this year. All programmes delivered in conjunction with the festival will be focused on ‘Aatral’, so that the TLC can harness the collective capabilities of all partners, to highlight the richness and magnificence of the Tamil language, for all to appreciate and enjoy.

“For the first time ever, the Tamil Language Council had arranged for an open call for proposal submissions. This enabled us to discover new partners and programmes for the Festival, and also provide a platform for them to demonstrate their talent and capabilities. We would like to thank and welcome these nine new partner organisations who have come forward to be a part of the Tamil Language Festival. Such results give us the confidence to engage even more new partners in future, for both the Tamil Language Festival and Tamil Youth Festival,” says Mr S Manogaran, Chairman of the TLC.

He adds, “The Tamil Language Council places great importance in engaging and enabling especially the young in the community, to speak and use the Tamil language. Out of the 47 programmes presented this year, 65% of them are targeted at youths, creating a wealth of opportunities for the youths to use and enjoy the language with confidence.

Official Launch of the Tamil Language Festival This year’s Tamil Language Festival (TLF) takes place from 30 March to 28 April 2024. The official launch of the TLF 2024 took place at Studio 1, Mediacorp at 7pm on Saturday, 30 March 2024. The programme was broadcasted “live” on Vasantham and meWATCH. Ms Indranee Rajah, Minister for Prime Minister’s Office, and Second Minister for Finance and National Development officially launched the TLF 2024.

This year’s TLF will feature 47 programmes by 48 partners, as the community comes together to present a variety of literary, oratorical, arts and cultural programmes. These programmes will encourage everyone to “Love Tamil, Speak Tamil”, embrace their mother tongue, and use the language in their daily lives. The TLF continues to be supported by new partners, who deliver programmes to suit different interests and segments in the community. As refreshed effort for this year’s TLF, the TLC implemented an open call for proposal submissions, to seek out new partner organisations for the TLF. This move aims to inject fresh and innovative ideas to engage the younger generation, and also provide a platform for new partners to come onboard.

The Kalari Academy, one of nine new partners for TLF 2024, will be conducting a Silambam workshop to demonstrate the capabilities of the traditional Tamil martial arts. This workshop will introduce participants to the history of Silambam, the different weapons and the basic Silambam skills using the 5-foot wooden staff.

KriyaiD SG will be organising Camp Vetri, a one-day cultural camp for primary school students, featuring interactive learning experiences, storytelling, song, dance and games in Tamil. This camp aims to nurture a deeper capacity for the Tamil language, and connect the youths to their linguistic and artistic heritage. Yet another new partner, Sarva Fine Arts, will present Meenakshi – the dance of wisdom, a Bharatanatyam production. Rooted in the rich tradition of Tamil culture, the dance drama revolves around Goddess Meenakshi, renowned for her wisdom and governance skills. The captivating story aims to unveil the beauty and depth of ancient Tamil verses through the various dance sequences.

For full details on all TLF 2024 programmes, visit their website at

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