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The Muslim Kidney Action Association (MKAC) held a special Iftar session on the evening of Thursday 28 March 2024. More than 30 guests attended the event which was graced by Ambassador Kesavapany Advisor Abdul Kalam Vision Society (AKVS). Also present was former Ambassador Shabbir HassanBhai, Dr. Chinnu Palanivelu Chairman of Singapore South Asia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr. B. Ramanathan, MD of ACE International Pte Ltd, Venerable Gunaratana Advisor to Mahakaruna Buddhist Society and Ms. See Guat Kwee Founder President of Centre for Inter Faith Understanding (CIFU).

Mr. Ameerali Abdeali, President MKAC, who is concurrently President of AKVS welcomed the guests and thanked them for their presence. He was happy to note that persons of Hindu, Buddhist, and Christians faiths at the event.

Ambassador Mr K Kesavapany emphasised the need for more such get togethers and for people of different faiths to work together for the common good. Mr. Ameerali thanked Mr. John Ramamoorthy Hon. Secretary of AKVS who presented on behalf of AKVS 100 5kg packets of rice to MKAC for disbursement to its kidney patients. In addition, Ven Gunaratana kindly donated many bottles of cooking oil for the patients. Indeed MKAC is blessed to have the strong support from so many kind hearted and generous people.

With the onset of Magrib the call for prayer (Azan) was made. Following the prayers guests enjoyed a hearty dinner together.

Ms. See Guat Kwee  said that ‘ ‘Mr Ameerali, I admire the ways you create fellowship and community and for all the good works which you do. It was a pleasure to be at MKAC to join in the fellowship and listen to the heartwarming sharings. Many Thanks as always for the warm hospitality and fellowship at MKAC. May God bless you, your family and MKAC’.

Photos and Information:  MKAC


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