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Singapore Stock Market – October 1st, 2011

1. History

Formally started on 21 March 1960, 10 Stockbroking firms from S’pore & 7 from Malaysia

In 1973 S’pore & Malaysian Stock Exchanges split

2. Trading Hours

:8.30 a.m. to 5:5

3. Trading System

Shares traded on a scripless basis

Highest Buyer’s Price & Lowest Seller’s Price will be matched

Ready , Odd-Lot & Buy-In Markets

4. Instruments Traded on the Stock Market



Bonds / Loan stocks

Exchange Traded Funds

Single Stock Futures

Index Futures

5. Transaction Costs

Varies from Broker to Broker but generally as follows :

0.5 % Brokerage fees for trades below S$ 50,000 (Lower fees for higher amounts)

0.04 % Clearing fees

Trading access Fees 0.0075%

7 % GST on Brokerage & Clearing Fees and Trading access Fees

6. Investment Methods



Internet Trading : Some Internet Trading Sites :,

7. Sources of Information

Shares Investment Facts & Figures – S$ 6 cost, Bi-Monthly Issue The Straits Times, Business Times, Annual ReportsInternet Websites – ,,

8. Companies Traded on the Market

Mainboard Multi Industry, Manufacturing, Commerce, Transport/Storage/Communications, Finance, Construction, Property, Hotels/Restaurants, ServicesSesdaq Manufacturing, Commerce, Constuction, Hotels/Restaurants,Services, AgricultureXtranet Exchange Traded FundsBonds, Loanstocks & Warrants

9. Modes of Payment

Cash – Shares will be held in your Central Depository A/C

CPF – Shares will be held in your Investment Bank Account

10. Settlement Period

Purchases & Sales : Trade Day + 3 Days

Contra : Within 4 Market Days

11. Market Barometer

Straits Times Index – component of 30 stocks

12.Stock Picking

Fundamental Analysis

Earnings Per Share – Group Net Profit After Tax / Number of Shares Issued

Price Earnings Ratio – Market Price / Earnings Per Share

Net Book Value- Net Tangible Assets of the Company / Number of Shares Issued

Gross Dividend Yield – Gross Dividend / Market Price of Share

Technical Analysis Charts – Bar Chart, Line Chart, Candle Stick etc.

Moving Averages, MACD Indicators, RSI Index etc.

13. Investment Suggestions

Invest within your means

Don’t Invest more than you can afford to lose

14. Happy Investing

Fixed Deposits – Low Risk & Low Return

Bonds & Unit Trusts – Medium Risk & ReturnStocks – Higher Risks & Return

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