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Zest for new commodities – April 1st, 2003

The question that I am concerned is :How much people get attracted to the new electrical goods that are introduced now and then in the market? How aware are they of the pros and cons? The new, new high-tech commodities, does it really serve the purpose?

There are many electrical items continuously being introduced. Some of them are never clear for what they are being introduced. Though it is many does not serve the purpose for what it claims. Roti maker, juice maker, kitchen wonder, vegetable cutter, etc..,etc

The companies are very smart. The advertisement agencies are even smarter. Every newspaper, magazines, concentrates on the advertisements with utmost care. The glossy picture with attractive women forces people to have a look. The catch phrases and slogans are another important factor that never eludes one’s mind. Television plays an important media. So the advertisements through television reach easily the low paid workers too. In course of time it becomes indelible.

Understanding this fact, some channels do have special programmers. Many commodities are being pushed continuously which have very little real utility. “Door to door sales” another way to promote sales and it is increasingly becoming popular. The installment schemes offered which makes the payment easier, claims to lessen their worries. So, women are ready to buy these commodities without much thought of its consequences or utility.

Okay now raising some questions like Are they really useful in day-to-day�s life? Are we making full use of the products throughout? How much is it helpful? Those who have made such purchases have a different story to tell. If we make use of it practically then the answer and the truth will be clear. Generally, the interest that women have earlier deteriates in course of time towards any product they buy because of the hassles the electrical items involve.

For eg :If you take a vegetable cutter by the time you plug in and light up the machine and clean up changing different provisions, can make you opt for a simple knife and vegetable board. In the developing countries power cut is one of the major problems people face. When everything is ready, and when you switch on and if there is no power supply that can discourage people. So, the idea the high-tech home appliances often do not serve the purpose. But as a coin has two sides, there are also certain electrical goods which are really useful and worth it. It serves the purpose and people must be able to differentiate it. But generally speaking, people fascinated by new commodities being introduced now and then should be aware of the fact that nothing magically new would be achieved and no miracles could be made over night. Almost all the products will claim the same thing. They differ only in packaging.

It is very essential that you think twice before buying any commodity. Only if we are really going to make use of the product, then we should go for it. Better be aware of the limitations of any product before we decide to buy them.So go for the good ones and better ignore others. So read the advertisements carefully and just think twice before buying the commodities. Just do not buy because your neighbor or cousin or sister has bought it. Think for yourself. You need it, go for it. If not ignore it.

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