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vaasthu 4 – October 1st, 2008

Even though Vaasthu has many complex rules and hidden principles it can be listed as follows.

1.The main door or entrance of a HOUSE or BUILDING should be in accordance with Vaasthu. If the main door is not as prescribed by the Vasthu, then the house will lack good luck and can cause many problems.

2.The ‘kitchen’ (fire element) should be in South East (Agni Corner). If not it will lead to health and debt issues.

3.If the Master Bed room is not in the South West side, then one will have more sleepless nights and less peace.

4. North East corner (NE) plays an important role in deciding the FORTUNE of any house. It enhances one’s financial development, career development and children’s well-being.

4.Every corner, room and open spaces should be constructed as per Vaasthu. The size of the problems, one would encounter, will be in respect to the size of the deviation.

5.“As there is a cure for any disease, any Vaasthu defect or short comings can be rectified, by acquiring right vaasthu expertise.


1. and four side angles of the plot in respect to the orientation are the main factors in choosing the plot
2. The length of the plot should be more in North-South direction than the East-West direction.
3. A plot with 90 degrees in angle, is considered good.
4. A plot with four corners having 90 degrees angles with roads either on all four sides or even three sides is also good.

If the house is projected in any of the either directions, then one should always consider the following rules.

1. The North/East projection is good and is recommended.
2.The South/East, South/West and North/West projections are not recommended. But if one has this kind of plot, it can be corrected. If there is a plot which is cut on either direction, then it is not recommended.
3. The plot with broader entrance and gets narrower as we go in is not recommended at all.
4.In contrary, the plot that is narrow at the entrance and becomes broader as we go in is very auspicious.

Plot facing the EAST will prove good for scholars, philosophers, priests, professors, teachers etc.- Plot facing NORTH is good for those in Power, and in administration and those who work for government.

Plot facing SOUTH is good for business class and for those who work in business organizations.

Plot facing WEST is good for Social workers.

Moreover the buyer should also keep in mind his Zodiac sign(Raashi), while selecting the plot and also give due consideration to its entrance. They are as follows: Karka ( Cancer)/Virchak (Scorpio )/Meen (Pisces) – EAST facing plot Mithuna (Gemini)/Kanya ( Virgo)/Makara ( Capricorn ) – SOUTH facing plot Rishab ( Taurus)/Tula (Libra)/Kumbh ( Aquarius)- WEST facing plot. Mesh ( Aries)/Simha (Leo)/Dhanus ( Sagittarius )-NORTH facing plot.
This zodiac sign principle is followed by many vastukaars, though, it is desirable to fix main door or gate in favorable position instead of following Zodiac sign of owner, as the house will be occupied by his descendents also for generations. Vastu, is like the astrology, is a vast science and its not possible for a normal human being to understand it fully, but one should always consider some basic rules of Vastu. If you are looking for a plot, keep these things in mind. All the four directions , hills , water bodies , cremation places , highways etc , they all influence the Vastu of the place in one way or other. There are some important factors that you should always consider while looking for a plot. Whenever possible one should always try to follow the Vastu principles as violation of these principles does destroy the happiness of one’s life. You should never purchase the land from the following persons as the atmosphere of the particular space depends on the people living there.
O From people suffering from sickness, lunatics.
o From people who have become insolvent.
o Land donated to any religious place.
o Land without any deed.
o From people who have left the country.
o The place where magicians used to live.
o Land containing ant-hills, bones, skeletons.

Houses sold by distressed, unfortunate people.

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