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vaasthu 2 – October 1st, 2008

Pooja Room

North East direction is ideal for pooja room. The deities can face either the east, north or west directions.

If the pooja room is facing the southern direction, then inclusion of the idols of Shiva or Hanuman, will yield better result.


1. South East direction is ideal for kitchen, where as, north west direction is also a good alternative.
2. The sink/wash basin in the kitchen must be kept in the north east direction, and the one who cooks should face either the east or north direction.
3. Groceries must be stored against the south west wall and the fridge must be kept in the north west direction.

Doors and Windows

1. Windows, doors and balconies are more ideal in the east and north directions to the south and west directions.
2. It is advisable not to use the doors and windows in the south west direction.
3. If you have the balcony in south west direction, you should fill the vacant space with a lot of plants, or even better to close the balcony with collapsible wooden or plastic curtains.
4. The main entrance of the house should be the biggest in the house with the length of the door being twice the size of its width.

Master Bed Room

1. Master bed room should be in the south west Corner. It is best if the floor level of the master bedroom is 6 inch above than the rest of the house.
2. If it is not feasible to have it in the south west corner, then the north west direction is the best alternative.
3. While sleeping, the head has to be placed towards the southern direction, though east western direction is acceptable too.

Children’s Bed Room

North west and south east is the most ideal directions, though north east is acceptable too. It is better to avoid south west.

Guest Room

North west corner is the best direction, as the guest will not stay longer.

Dining and Drawing rooms

It should be located more towards north east quadrant of the house and the dining table should be placed against the walls either in the north or east directions.

Bath Rooms/ toilets

It is most preferable for the attached ones to be in the north west quadrant. If it is separated then bath room can be built towards the east and toilets towards the west.

It is better to avoid north east and south west quadrants.

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