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Thaga Thaga Thaga Thanga Vetai – October 1st, 2006

Thaga Thaga Thaga Thanga Vetai...not long ago, this show presented by Ramya Krishnan held audience spellbound in front of the Sun TV Channel during week ends. On the 19th August, at the Singapore Indoor stadium, Singapore Tamils had a chance to view it live. As, Ramya Krishnan and Kollywood’s ‘Chinna kalaivanar’ Vivek compeered the ‘Rhythm Kollywood’ a mega show organized by ‘Mediacorp’ in the ‘Thanga Vetai’ style.

It was a light music show presented by various film singers like Chitra, Srinivasan, Tippu, Harini, Anuradha Sriram, Binni Krishnamurthy and others.

The program started at 7-15 pm and the highlight of the show was ‘Drums Sivamani’ who had presented an exclusive piece of ‘drums music’ which literally rocked the audience for nearly fifteen minutes. His experience and ability was evident.

Shankar Mahadevan, hummed a few lines and Sivamani played the drums for those lines in the expected tune. Shankar engaged the audience too in his ‘Varaha nathigharai yoram’ song by asking the audiences to repeat the lines of the songs in different gears along with him.

Anuradha Sriram, clad in black color dress sang the song ‘karupputhan yenaku pidicha colorou’ and the rest melodies were sung by the other singers, who were present there. The singers sang both old and new songs and the show was a feast to the audience.

Vivek entertained the audience with a sense of comedy through out the program. Vivek’s timely jokes of answers to Ramya Krishnan’s questions which came in the form of ‘Thanga vettai’ added spices to the program!!!!!!!!!!!!

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