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Sri Layan Sithi Vinayaga Temple – January 1st, 2008

Sri Layan Sithi Vinayaga Temple, situated in Keong Saik Road, Singapore had its fourth consecration ceremony on 16.12.2007. With three Vinayagas in a row as its prime deity, this temple has followers from all races.

People irrespective of their caste, creed, religion throng this temple on thrusdays, fridays and weekends for their 108 circumambulation. There are many examples of Chinese devotees, who attest to the divine power of this temple and have been forthright about it. They are Chung Kah Chin, who had got recovered of the third stage cancer, Chee Boon Chai, who had got rid of the string of his problems and many others

Since 2005, the temple management has been taking steps to renovate the temple and replace the two tier tower with five tires. As a result, fourteen member crew under the architect Mr. Nagarajan, was appointed to renovate the temple.

The crew took six months time for their job and the workmanship featured in the temple reveals their excellence. About eight hundred volunteers served in various sections like crowd control, Adminitstration, Logistics, Magazine, Fund Raising and others. The Temple’s Trustee, Dr.K.Vellayappan said, the main

Temple door was done in Deep South Tamil Nadu and had shipped to Singapore, at the due time. The arrival of the door was impeded because of the port strike in India and storm. He says, that was the greatest challenge in the whole consecration process.

Albeit, the artistic door arrived two days earlier to the consecration ceremony.

On the 16th December, the consecration ceremony took place. Members of Parliment and the other dignitaries graced the occasion.

Now, Vinayaga, abodes in his new house, bestowing blessings on devotees.

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