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Choo Ramasamy – June 1st, 2004

Choo Ramasamy, editor of the magazine ‘Thuklak” share his views on Tamil Nadu politics in general

1.What are the plus points in the current ADMK’s rule in Tamil Nadu?

There are plus points seen in certain issues. For (eg) Selvi: Jeyalalitha shows keen interest in securing foreign investments. She carries out a lot of economic reforms. She also shows keen interest in controlling terrorism. These are some of the plus points in the current ADMK’s rule.

2. What are your views on POTO.

I don’t find anything wrong in the way Selvi: Jeyalalitha handles POTO. Mr V.Gopalsamy, Mr. Nedumaran supported the Liberation Tigers deliberately. Their supporters are also arrested under POTO. Supporting a banned organization comes directly under POTO. I am sure these are the charges under POTO. Though many are against this, I am not.

3. What have you got to say on the third front?

I doubt if the idea of third front can succeed in the near future. If some steps are taken to establish a third front, it may yield some result in the future.

4. Do you think people will support or favor movie personalities entering politics?

It greatly depends on who is making the entry. People like Bagyaraj, S.S.Rajendran, Ramarajan made an entry into politics but they could not survive. Mr.M.G.ramachandhran, Selvi Jeyalalith, and people like Dr. Karunanidhi and Thiru. Annadhurai, who have movie back ground entered politics and they are/were successful. In Andhrapradesh, Thiru. N.T.Ramarao was very successfull. So again it depends on who is going to make an entry.

5. Do you favor Mr. Rajinikant entering politics?

Yes. I do favor Mr.Rajinikant entering politics. In case if he enters, then this third front might succeed. There could be a powerful alternative between these two Dravidian parties.

7. Do you think people will support Mr.Rajinikant?

Definitely people will support him. In a way I feel it is good.

8. You are a lawyer: Journalist: actor and many more? Which face do you like the best?

These are not faces. All these are parts of my face. If asked which part of the face I like the best how to answer? I like the face as a whole. That is Choo Ramasamy!

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