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Nithyanandha Swamigal 1 – June 1st, 2004

Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamigal is a truly revolutionary spiritual Master of our century. Swamiji embarked upon his spiritual journey at a very young age. He traversed the length and breadth of India on foot, studying with great Masters in India and Nepal and practicing intense tapasya with extraordinary vigor. He experienced the final flowering of consciousness on 1st January, 2000 the sacred day of his enlighten with a pragmatic yet compassionate approach of life and spirituality and an enlightened insight into the core of human nature, Swamiji’s mission is simple- to awaken the divinity that lies latent in man. To this end, he inaugurated the world wide movement for meditation – Dhyana Peetam – on 1st January 2003. With its spiritual nerve centre in Bidadi (near Bangalore in India) and over 100 centres around the world. Dhyana Peetam works towards the transformation of humanity through the inner transrormation of the individual Swamiji’s divine healing powers and simple, practical meditation techniques help you blossom in every sphere of life – be it is physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual.

Excerpts from his interview

1. Is this current life a continuation of previous birth?

Yes. It is a continuation. But, when I say, it is a continuation, I don’t mean it is not changeable. One is endowed with a free-will to change the whole set up. When one continues living without any conscious control over their mind, then, it is a continuation. But one has all the right and the capacity to stop the continuation or rewind or fast forward or totally re-arrange the whole set up.

2. Hindus believe that, “Philanthropy and sin of the fore fathers takes on the posterity”. How far is it true?

In the first place, this idea itself is not true. The authentic scriptures do not assert that. According to the authentic scriptures, the posterity only inhabits the mental set up and structure of the forefathers (i.e) the way they live, their cultural upbringing and it is not their sin and philanthropy.

3. Can you explain the experience of the initial insurgency that passed through your body?

At the age of twelve, I was trying to meditate sitting on a hill called Pavala Kundru  in Tiruvannamalai. I was in the process of finding an answer to the thought source. Suddenly, I felt something opening into me. In a moment, I was able to visualize everything – the hill in my front, temple to my left and back, trees in my right side, sky above my head, rock that I was sitting, all , in 360 degree both vertically and horizontally in contrast to the normal 120 degree. The very next moment, I thought everything is me. This was the first glimpse of the spiritual experience, which has prompted me to take on to this spiritual life.

4. You meet thousands of people seeking solutions to a problem. Do they all come with their own problems or is there anyone so compassionate towards this world seeking solution for the well being of the downtrodden?

Unless one solves his problem, he can not solve others. So I appreciate the most, who come seeking solution’s to their self problems. If people straight away come and tell me, that they love this whole world, then I think it is hypocrisy. When people tell me, ‘I love this whole world’, then I will ask them, ‘do you love your neighbour’? For this most of them have no positive answer. Loving the whole world is very easy. But loving and caring your own family or your neighbour is difficult. So, those who cares the society and world without solving their own problems are only poise to create trouble to others. There are a very few, those who are problem less and have started to solve other’s problems. Those sections do not come to me. They solve their problems on their own.

5. Which is the best way to get rid of one’s sins? Doing good to the needy through Dhana and dharma or through worships?

Both are not the right way. Anything you do should be spantaneous. If you do things with fear, then, you are committing even more a sin. The best way to get rid of the sin, is not bother about them. One should forget the past and plan the future. If you analyze carefully, even great saints have committed sins. When one perfoms pooja and does dhana in order to get rid of their sin, then, it will not prove effective. Anything done with a guilt, then, it is not a pooja or Dhana and is only a business.

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