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Sree Paramahamsa Nithyanandha Swamigal 2 – April 1st, 2004

Swamiji talks about ‘Healing through Meditation’.
1. What is ‘Healing through Meditation’?

There are seven chakras, energy centers inside our body. From the ancient time memorial, all religion masters, believe that these seven chakras vindicates one’s well being. If any one of these chakras is disturbed or if it is in low energy, that leads to human disease, as Mental, physical, emotional and psychology of the human being are controlled by these seven energies. When these seven chakras are maintained well through meditation, then it is known as self healing (i.e) meditation. In certain cases, people can not meditate. So in that case some one will meditate on their behalf and give energy to the chakras of those people. Through this process, if that person gets cured of his disease, then this is called healing.

2. So do you mean to say that energy can be given to someone?

If you look at scientist Einstein’s theory, the answer for this would be clear. He says, anything that exists has energy. Just by passing a stick or a book one can pass energy. When a substance passed can generate energy, so as the matter. Only it has to be through proper technique and method. So if a healer gives the energy, automatically the other person takes the energy and chakras get healed and he will come out of his disease.

3. Have you got any testimonials to prove this?

Of course, yes. We have got thousands and thousands of testimonials, to prove this. We did a research “under the controlled conditions of the doctors” from the Oklahoma University. We kept the patients under their control and we started to heal them. We could see that without any medication, their disease cured purely through healing.

4. with so much medical advancements, how much do people trust this ‘Healing through Meditation”?

The medical advancements have also created a lot of side effects on people. If ten of them are dying out of cancer, twenty are dying out of chemotherapy. So people are well aware of the side effects of the medications. So even the educated allopathic doctors are turning towards the healing system. Now we have around forty American Specialists as our healers.

5. Is it possible for a common man to be enlightened?

Sure. Every body can get enlightened. Every body is a Buddha in himself. Simple way to get enlightened is to be awakened. If you are awakened, you are a Buddha. If you are sleeping, then you are a Buddhu. That’s all.

6. What is your suggestion to the public as ‘Dos and Don’ts?

Just don’t bother about the do’s and don’ts. Just go behind your consciousness. Trust yourself. Whatever makes you and others blissful, just do that. Avert anything that makes you and others feel sad.

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