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Children -Invaluable Assets – April 1st, 2004

Children are invaluable assets. Life becomes meaning-less without loving and affectionate children. Society and parents play an integral part in the upbringing of a child.

In order to make children all rounder, parents are left with no choice other than spending a few hundreds each month, sending them to various tuition and art classes.

Is this the only way, children should be brought up? I have no definite answer, but I intend to try.

Why don’t parents think of other practical and simple options which can make children well rounded, be more responsive and be better prepared to face adulthood?

First and foremost is BE FRIENDLINESS and the next is PATIENCE.

Parents are disillusioned that children with good grades in school are the future prospects. Well, of course this is important, but it is also equally important that they are exposed to other extra-curricular activities.

To achieve good grades parents tend to chasten children. This can make children diffident. Instead, why don’t parents think of an alternative that is more easy and practical? Parents can motivate them through true stories and emphasize the importance of studies.

Not all children have an aptitude to grasp things quickly or at the same pace. Promise them some gifts for good grades. Poor children!!! They can not retaliate when they are forced into a corner. If you do not embrace, who will?

Do not force children to participate in the field of activity in which they are not interested. First find out their interest. Accordingly, motivate them. In contrast, forcing activities can create a bitter feeling.

Do not compare children with one another. Respect their wish. Give them freedom to pursue what they want. Try to understand their feelings.

Note their behavior each day. If you encounter certain misbehavior, try to find out the reason for the change in their behaviour.

First try to find out the reason and correct the mistake, taking the necessary course of action according to what the situation warrants. The child could be suffering from an emotional issue or it could be due to not getting along with his classmates or teachers at school.

Try to be-friend the child and try to help him or her to correct the misbehaviour and make the child realize and learn from his/her mistake. Perhaps you can illustrate your point through moral or true stories.

Incalculate the habits of savings, in them. Do not get them everything they want. Make them responsible.

Ensure that they take up small, small jobs and make sure they do it every day.

Do not force them to eat what they do not like. Give them nutritious food.

Parents are entrusted with a greater responsibility to make the children into tomorrows leaders.

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