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Birthday Celebrations – January 1st, 2004

In the computerized world today, most women are forced to be career oriented. Now a day, for women life has become so monotonous. They have a very little time to spare for their children. Hence, most mothers want to make the best use of the available opportunities. Here are some tips, as to how they can organize to celebrate their children’s birthdays in an unique way.

  1. Make your child grow a plant or tree at your home on each birthday of your child. Thus, he/she learns the importance and benefits of growing a tree.
  2. Instead of giving some birthday gifts, try to write an affectionate letter stating the child’s that year’s achievements and failures. This will help the child rectify his/her mistakes in the future.
  3. Take a photo of the child every year and store it in an album.
  4. Ask the guests to talk a few words about the child as what they like and dislike about the child. This could come in handy to correct his/her mistakes in a number of occasions.
  5. Take a video clipping of the child when he/she gets up in the morning of the birthday each year.  This collection capturing the child in various poses, can be very interesting.
  6. Ask the child to donate some small gifts, in an orphanage on his/her birthday as this can incalculate the habit of saving and sharing in them.
  7. Ask your child to take a resolution each year and make sure he/she follows it that year. This will help to discipline him/her.

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