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Reading – January 1st, 2005

Bringing up children is considered an art. Many women find it difficult to keep their children occupied. The best and in expensive way to keep the children occupied is to make them read. It saves both money and time and enriches their IQ.

Here are some suggestions, as to how to encourage them to read.

Find out the interest of your child and then buy him/her books accordingly. Because, your friend has bought a book do not buy it and force your child read it. This will only create a bitterness in reading.

For each birthday, make it a habit to buy books instead of gifts. Knowledge is never a waste.

When you are going out to parties, leave your child in the near by library. She/he will get exposed to a good range of books.

When they find it difficult or boring to read, you be an active listener. Leave an impression that you are an ignorant and that your child is clever. This can revive his/her interest in reading.

Ask them to find out the meaning of at least five new words each day. This will incalculate the habit of using the dictionary in children.

When they are tired, you read one page and make the child read the next page. This way he/she will be happy to get a support and will enjoy reading.

Last but not the least; make them enjoy reading. Let it not be a tough task.