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Siblings Care – July 1st, 2006

Siblings are the most excited and happy ones on the arrival of the second baby. It is equally not uncommon for them to envy the younger ones being doted by the elders in the family. Some tips to appease the older ones.

When the baby comes home from the hospital, have the baby get a gift to the older one as,’to my dear Brother/Sister”. This can bring some bonding and a feeling of bigger brother/sister in the older one.

When the visitors bring some gifts to the new born, get some small gifts ready for the older one.

Keep reminding the older one that it is his/her responsibility to take care of the new born. In doing so instruct him/her, to check if the baby has gotten up or slept or to see if the baby is doing alright and so on……

Spend at least half an hour a day with your older one. Play with him/her; listen to him/her talking about the sibling…..

Encourage your older one to often smile and talk with the baby. This can ensure a warm relationship.

Tell the older one, that God wanted the new born a good family and so the new born is a gift to the family.

Keep recollecting the older one’s activities from time to time with that of the new born, as this can make the older one cherish through his/her young days, which they are unaware.

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