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Aarthie Ramaswamy – January 1st, 2000

Aarthie Ramaswamy, 20 years old, who resides in Chennai is a ‘world under 18 chess champion.’ Five times she has won the National award and in the 1997 Asian Sub-junior championship that was held in Mumbai she came first representing India and in 1999 she won the World under 18 championship that was held in Spain among 53 countries.

Excerpts from the interview that was taken at her residence……

Your Likes : Going out with friends (Alagu and Hema).
Your Dislikes : Nothing in particular.
Greatest influence: Mother(Mrs Alamelu Ramaswamy).
Turning Point : Winning the 1999 world under 18 Chess champion.
Are you superstitious? : Yes. At times.
You are conscious about: What I talk in public.
You feel sorry for: Physically handicapped.
You get turned on by: Nice houses and babies.
Your role model : Judith Polgar(Hungarian Chess champion).
Future Plan : Now I play with women Grandmasters. In future I want to play with
men too.
Your advise to the youngsters : Dedicate yourself to the game and work hard. Then success will be yours.
Thank You Aarthie

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