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Mr. Gnani – July 1st, 2009

Mr: Gnani, a columnist and journalist is a man of his own perspective. His enriching knowledge on world affairs that reflects in his columns distinguishes him from most of the other writers. Here is his interview.

1. What promoted you to journalism?

My desire to become a journalist promoted me to journalism. I was interested in writing, debating, speaking right from my young age. So, I would say, that out of my basic instinct I became a journalist.

2. So, were’nt you not influenced by your journalist father?

See, our family is a very large. He just advised like any of the parents to read, to listen to radio, to be updated with the current affairs. None of my siblings are into writing. My father encouraged and guided us but did not thrust anything upon us.

3. Now as a veteran journalist, do you think media can play an important role between the public and what is happenning?

Without media, there is no news at all. Media is homogeneous. To-day, there are many forms of media owned by different people. So, obviously, there will be a tendency to disseminate news from each one’s perspective.

4. Right, What I want to ask is that, is media more manipulating or playing an effective role?

It is upto people to choose and accept the news. They should look at the media as a product and choose the right choice as how they buy a clothing or a grocery.

5. How do you choose that week’s idea for the column?

When they run a column of current affairs, you can not ignore politics. So, I touch politics as it is more dominant. Also, I take up to social issues, which will have a long term impact on society.

6. Have you ever had any response to your writing from public?

Yes. There have been enoromous response to my writing. Some come and tell that they accept my views and some do differ with my ideas. Some tell that they are not able to express their views and they see me as their representative. I am not bothered if people do not accept my ideas. I am happy, that my ideas are getting discussed. I see where I differ with people. It helps me to analyse my position and to refine and fine tune myself.

7. When did you have mass appeal to your writings?

I have been in this writing field for more than thirty five years and I have even been attached to big publications like kumudam, anandha vikatan, kalki etc…so, right from the beginning, my writing has been having mass appeal.

8. What are the pros and cons of being a journalist?

I would say, pros are higher than cons. You keep yourself updated with the current affairs. You can express your views and will be happy, when your ideas get discussed. The cons are that, you may feel little bit uncomfortable, when people resent to your ideas.

9. Who are your target audience?

My target audiences are middle class people who have a similar background like me. Those who have come up in life through education.

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