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Javagal Srinath – April 2nd, 2002

Javagal Srinath was born in Mysore, Karnataka on 31.8.1969. He made his one day international debut in Sharjah against Pakistan in 1991 and his Test debut against Australia at Brisbane in 1992. He has been noted as a key bowler in the team right from his debut. A gentle man and a soft spoken person off the field shares some of his views in this interview……..

1. Can you tell us about your formative years?

It has been good on the whole…I had bit of ups and downs…Actually there are a lot of things to learn and the game has been a big teacher in my case. Well I had a few achievements to my credit and I am happy that I could represent India.

2 . Apart from cricket what are you interests?

A bit of information technology…and hobbies wise reading, music and forest animals – I mean wild life…

3 . It is a general opinion that Indian team do not perform to its full potential. Where do you think you lack?

yes we are not consistent as we need to be. Well, I lacked in my fitness in my early stage…got into scientific training and methodology very late in my career and of course it is a fact that some of the basic facility was not available too.

4 . Any interesting incident off the field in the recent times?

Not really …………

5 What are the ups and downs while leading a public life?

It is a short living glory and one must make the best of it. You should set your mind to accept all the ups and downs and to face criticisms.

6 Unfortunately injuries had a set back in your achievements. Do you regret for it or are you content with your achievements?

I am an under achiever…or a slow learner. Injuries are part of a fast bowler and one has to live with it.

7. Whom do you attribute your success to?

success is a state of mind …. as long as you are content and hungry to perform….you will be successful in due course!

8 . Can you explain yourself in few words……..

That’s for people to judge. I am a man of weakness with both good and bad qualities.

9. Your advise to youngsters who wish to become fast bowlers….

play the game……enjoy the game ….like the game and study well!

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