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Yoga 2 – October 1st, 2007

Dr. Asana Andiappan is a highly accomplished yogic international repute. He is an honorable professor at Asana Andiappan college of Yoga and Research Centre. He shares some tips on yoga in this issue too.

‘Health is wealth’ is a famous proverb. So, as ‘prevention is better than cure’. Everyone desires to lead a healthy life. Though, how many of us are pragmatic? The reasons for not able to adhere to a healthy life style varies from a person to person. We have to cast away the shackles, which prevent us and embark upon some kind of exercise.

By practicing Yoga, one can attain the best of their health and ever be a sick-free.

The following are the problems that are poised to cause diseases in human beings.

Brain diseases
Nervous problem

Today’s advanced medical facilities are potent to cure these dieseases. But, the medical fees are exorbitant. One who practices yoga can cast away the medical problems, with out paying any price.

Yoga has been attested in curing diseases, what ever the physical and mental conditions of a human being be. Mental, physical and emotional conditions are the inter-related basic elements that vindicate one’s state of well-being. Yoga encompasses these states of well-being, and can cure diseases.

Western society, realizing the benefits of yoga, is practicing yoga and the yoga centres there are thriving with an increase in followers.

Mistakes committed by human being are due to the lack of control over their five senses. When one can control all their five senses, then they can lead a peaceful life. Our ancient history says, human characteristics reflect the food one eats. In order to control one’s five senses, he/she should drink and eat mild items. They need to have good rest and enough sleep. Early to bed and early to rise envisages good life style. Yoga is tailored to fulfil all the above needs.

When one practices yoga, they need to alter their diet. They should refrain from cocaine items, liquor and hot spicy stuffs. When one masters yoga, gradually they will loose interest in cocaine items and liquor. They should add more vegetables and fruits and stick to wheat diet per meal a day. It is advisable to fast a day in a month; though there is no need for strict diet. Non-vegetarian items should be avoided and more pulses, milk and milk related products can be included. Thus, one can look young.

Anyone, irrelevant of their age, profession, caste, and creed can practise yoga. Yoga is a must for those who sit and work the whole day, as they tend to do little exercise. Then, they will feel brisk and energetic.

Yoga in calculates good behaviour in children. It helps them to focus more in their work. It enhances their concentration power.

Generally people learning yoga becomes more adaptive and flexible. Realising the power of yoga, it is said that India’s former Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi and her family learnt Yoga. So, Yoga is an art that has proved effective across the globe.

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