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Yoga 1 – October 1st, 2007

Dr. Asana Andiappan is a highly accomplished yougic international repute. He is an honorable professor at Asana Andiappan college of Yoga and Research Centre. He shares some tips on yoga in this issue.


“YOGA” is a Latin word. It is said to have originated in the period of Harappa and Mohenjadaro. It has also been greatly associated with Dravidian Culture. To confirm this, in the Sivan Temples, there are a lot of Siva postures in the yoga positions which is even featured in the Raja Gopuram of the Tanjore Temple.

In Northern India, it is believed that Pathanjali Munivar started the art of Yoga. In Southern India, it is believed that Thirumular started the art of Yoga.

Types of Yogas

There are various types of Yogas. They are Ashtanga Yoga or Hatha yoga, which is considered as the best form of yoga, but it is very difficult to practice. It contains all forms of yoga. It has eighty four lakhs of aasaanas.
Bakthi Yoga – It is more religious concerned comprising poojas.
Gnana Yoga – It is also more religious and it is spread through religious talks and one can attain it through reading various religious books.
Kundalina Yoga
Karma Yoga s

When can one start to practice Yoga?

Age is no bar to start to practice Yoga. When a child turns four years, he or she can start to practice yoga. One should practice yoga for half an hour in the morning and in the evening. 3-00 – 7-00 a.m and 5-00 – 7.00 pm would be the ideal time to practice yoga.

What are the Pros and Cons in doing Yoga?

There are no cons in doing Yoga. As too much of anything is good for nothing, anybody over does, would end in trouble. There are limitations, for each age group. One must take lessons from a proper Guru. Then one can reduce their anger and frustrations, control all their five senses. When one masters meditation, they can survive just breathing air. Yoga can reduce the intensity of any kind of diseases, it increases immunity.

strong>Have you done any Testimonies to prove the effect of Yoga? Dr. Thanikachalam, the vice chancellor of Ramachandhra Medical College tested my blood flow during, before and after yoga when I (Aasana Aandeppan) was 73. Though there were variations for each time, in general the results showed the blood flow as eighteen years old.

Other advantages in practicing yoga

When one masters yoga, no kind of bad evils can harm him/her.

Differences between cult groups and Yoga

Cult groups spread spiritual power through prayers, poojas, religious talks and others. Yoga has the power to control any kind of diseases.

When can one master meditation?

There are eight stages in Ashtanga Yoga. Out of the eight, one can master meditation in the seventh stage. Without completing the first six stages, one can not master meditation.

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