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Mr. Perichiappan

It is the study of man’s  fortunes through NUMBERS  (by which) he is born.

For eg. Our cell phone has a  definite Number. If we want  to contact our friend, we  will have to dial all the 10 digit  numbers correctly and then only we can be connected to him. Even if we miss one number, (any of 10 digits), then we can not reach that person. In the same way, we should use and follow the relevant and lucky Numbers (based on the birth date) in day to day to life, to lead a problem free life. If we use wrong Numbers or evil Numbers, then our life would be full of struggles.

Numerology deals with numbers and each number has its own vibration and influence. If a cow is tied in a rope and the rope is tied to the peg, the pegged point is called the birth number and to what extent the cow can go (the rope length) is the fate number. If the birth number is good the cow can be pegged on a grassy land and if it is not good, then it can be pegged on a rocky land. So the birth number and the fate or destiny number which influences one’s life cannot be changed.

But we can artificially grow grass in the area for the cow to graze – by changing the name number to suit your birth or fate number or by wearing suitable gems- to certain extent the vibrations can be improved and thus it will enhance one’s life style .

Each number relates to our planets (graham)and their influence.

Sun -1,moon-2, Jupiter -3, rahu-4, mercury -5, venus -6, ketu -7, Saturn -8, mars -9

The numerical value of each letter is given below:
A, I, Q, J, Y =1

B, K, R =2 C, G, L, S =3D, M, T =4

E, H, N, X =5

U, V, W =6

O, Z =7

P, F = 8

Generally the frequency or wave length of 1,4,8 group can go together. 3,6,9 forms another group. 2,7 forms another group and 5 is the middle number between 1 and 9 can go together with all the group. You can use this to ascertain why certain people are forming friends together either by their birth number, destiny number or name number. If you do not know about the character of any person as you will not know their date of birth but with their name, you can find out the name numbers and you can gauge their nature up to 30%. This in return will assist us as to how to deal with that person.

General characters of the people

Generally, people with number 1 and 9 are extreme numbers and adamant; No 5 is flexible; Number 6 is tricky and cunning; no 2 and 7 are for sacrificing and hard working; No 4 is adamant and you cannot force the person but in his way you can go and mend the person; No 4 and 8 they will struggle and get things after hard work. No 3 is selfish.

In numerology there are only 9 numbers. For example if you are born on 23 rd then the double digit could be converted to single digit (i.e) 2+3=5.

Birth number and destiny number

Suppose you take the date of birth as 23-02-2007. The birth number is the date i.e. 23 =2+3=5 Destiny number is 2+3+0+2+2+0+0+7=16 =1+6= 7. The birth relates to the material side of the life and the destiny number relates to what extent one person can go.

Now-a-days Numerology is more popular throughout the world. Many people follow Numerology in their names, phone numbers, house numbers, business numbers etc. But their success depends on, how correctly they select the Numbers! If one uses bad numbers, then his expectations will not be fulfilled and paradoxically, he will face failures. Now Pronology comes to rescue man, who has not been satisfied with numerology, It shows the correct usage of Numbers and Names – especially NAMES.

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