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Women– the gender that is ever destined to fight for its deserving rights in society? – June 23rd, 2015

Or should we amend it to as ‘the conservative women in society’? My vote will be to the ‘conservative women in Society’.

Because doors to many or all avenues have been opened to women in recent times and a number of women have been able to prove themselves, in the areas that they have chosen. It is always the woman from a conservative society, who finds it difficult to fight against this patriarchal – male dominated society.

Once they were considered destined to life-long subservience, but, now gone are the days when the kitchen was the boundary of for women and mow there are more ample opportunities for women to blossom to their full potential.

In general, the women from a conservative society are expected to conform to certain norms and knowingly or unknowing thus have been suppressed. Both genders – men and women have always had different responsibilities and are categorized as successful only when one fulfils his/her duty/responsibility.

Over the period of time scientific inventions have pervaded and have brought in greater change to one’s life. People have also embraced technology as it is dominant today. This means that, now a day, there are more opportunities available for both men and women equally. So, when opportunities are accessible and when both man and woman can excel as at par, it automatically implies that both men and women will have to assume all responsibilities equally to maintain a balance in the family and the ‘happiness index’.

When such a mental state is attained, there will be less chaos in a conservative women’s life and they would get a green signal to pursue their interest and attempt to prove herself. But unfortunately, many women still find it difficult to spread their wings and are still confined to certain boundaries attesting to the saying that ‘if being a woman is hard, being an Indian woman is even harder’.

But brooding over these issues can never bring about any change. Instead, by applying certain easy methods, this world would see the ‘women from a conservative society also accomplish. There is no grand and elaborate formula for accomplishing. It is simple and easy. The age, the location, the qualifications are all no barriers for one to accomplish.

Actually the key stumbling blocks come through three areas. One is from the demands of husband, second, from pressure from the family – and thirdly, self imposed restrictions.

Woman must cast away the shackles as there is no iron laws which says state that woman are inferior. Where ever you are, there are enough opportunities for one to pursue their interests within their means.

Firstly, woman must understand that they are in no way inferior to man and have even been described in Hindu belief as ‘Sakthi’ meaning ‘Power’. Hence, accept that there is power in you. As far as it is used with positive energy, woman can bring in greater change in them and also in others.

Secondly, have an open and curious mind. Anything you see, think about it. Be it is the Temple nearby, a shop next door, the roads that you walk in. Instead of just going there for you have got to, think as how it was formed? Why was it formed? Who has formed? Think of its relevance; look at its history; look at the various stake holders involved in its making. By doing this, you will get some new ideas. You will start to have a different perception on the things that are around you.

Thirdly, make it a habit to read newspapers an hour each day. Also allocate an hour to read some weekly magazines and some motivational and inspirational books. When you do these things regularly, you will get an open mind and will get exposure to a number of things that happens around.

Fourthly, do a SWOT analysis (Strength/weakness/Opportunities/Threat).

While doing the SWOT analysis, first, find out the area of your interest and strength. Find out the various opportunities/avenues for the areas of interest in the country/place where you live in. You may have some likings and dreams. But you may not possess the qualities to pursue in that area. So, do a careful analysis and rule out the areas that you would be weak in and spot the area in which you would be strong.

For example, you might have found out that your interest is in singing. You interest to learn Singing may require you to go for classes, practise. So, see for yourself if your family will support you to take time off to go for classes regularly? Can you give time for regular practise? Can you sing well? Even if you find ways to overcome the barriers and start to pursue the singing class, is your singing up to the mark? Will it sustain the interest of the audience? So is it something for you on a in the long run? Try to answer all these questions honestly, and come to a conclusion.

So, try to do a self analysis as how your family and time may warrant.

By doing this, you will definitely find the right area of interest.

Once you have found out with the area of your interest make up your mind to continue in that. There could be pressuricing demand that one is faced with meets out from time to time. Whatever the demands be, just stay focused. There is no one free of trouble. With determination, surely one can overcome the barriers. So don’t give up.

When you continue on, you will find it very rejuvenating and will start to feel confident.

Now start to set a target each year. When you continue on with this, each year you would have reached at least half the distance of the target set. Eventually you would have accomplished in the area chosen.

When you develop yourself, the whole family can take pride and benefit. Not only the woman, but the whole family, society and the posterity can benefit.

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