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Mrs Geetha Nagu – June 17th, 2014

Women are no more just home makers. They have made a long way as doctors, engineers, professors, entrepreneurs, serving the community at large. This issue meets Mrs Geetha Nagu, a successful entrepreneur and the second daughter in law of the famous industrialist late Mr VN. Chidambaram Chettiar. She is married to Mr Nagu Chidambaram, who is a businessman and they live in Chennai.

Mrs Geetha says, ‘Having born and married in a business family, obviously my passion and interest has always been business’.

She is a post graduate in business administration. Her husband is an industrialist who founded and is successfully heading Sun Industries, auto components manufacturers based out of Chennai and Madurai.’

Geetha, who was initially assisting him in his business since 1993, quenched out her thirst, when she started the software development outfit in the year 2000 and became an independent entrepreneur.

As all businesses are, Geetha’s business too had its ups and downs. Experience is the biggest teacher and through trials and tribulation, and the market volatility has taught her as to how to overcome the hurdles in business.

She says, “It was hard real time learning. But throughout, only one thought was strong in me. Not to quit…never to quit. Since I was determined to succeed, I repeatedly told to myself that I will not quit. Rather, I started to find solutions for every challenge I faced and learnt to overcome all the challenges and hurdles.

My husband Nagu Chidambaram was of immense support to me. He is my biggest blessing”.

Geetha had started her software outfit depending on projects in pipeline from the US. That’s the time the market crashed and all her pipeline projects became a pipe dream.

When we were wondering as what could have happened next, her answer was that,

‘By then,I had exhausted all my capital and was running huge losses. That was the toughest phase of my business journey.

Then, I started an IT training company and shut down my software development outfit. Then my new journey began as IT training company through ‘OCE College India’ – where we have trained more than 50,000 students over these last 14 years. We work in affiliation with Indian & Foreign Universities. We specialise in online degree & diploma programs’.

Now her company service students across India and enjoy contributing to the youngsters through their education service.

She further adds on as what she does now ‘Like how education is my passion, I am also very interested in property developments and creating high style living spaces with full utility value to home dwellers.

I play a very active role in my husband’s property development vertical in the name of VNCT Ventures and VNCT Properties at Madurai,Coimbatore and Chennai.

My future plans are to contribute very meaningfully to society back through education and by creating value and utility based homes across Tamil Nadu’.

Her piece of advise to the youngsters, who aspires to be successful entrepreneurs is that,

Be self driven.
Never quit.
Practice patience and perseverance.
Keep upgrading your skills.
Learning is continuous.
Partner or associate with strength which you do not possess.
Believe in collaborative commerce.
Think big.
Put in your efforts.
Choose a right mentor.
Make it happen.
Anything is possible – provided you believe in it as well as give your 100%.

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