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I have been living in Singapore for the past 22 years and Thaipusam Festival has always been the most anticipated festival for my Family and I.  As during this festival, we fulfil our vows to Lord Muruga by taking kavadi and palkudam.  We consider blessed to live in a country where there are opportunities for us to celebrate the Hindu festivals.  It greatly helps us to reinforce our culture and values.

As we all know, music is eternal.  They say ‘music can cure any disease better than medicine’.  Music has been enmeshed with the Tamil Society from time immemorial – as it helps to keep one’s spirit high. Music is played through different types of instruments during Hindu functions, marking an auspicious day, whether it be a grand marriage function or a small household occasion. Music also plays a prominent feature in Temple rituals.

As a staunch Hindu devotee and as a music lover, I am delighted to learn that music has been allowed, after a long absence.  This will surely uplift the spirituality of the kavadi and palkudam bearers- and other devotees, who accompany on their yatra from Serangoon Road to Tank Road.

Also the other measures agreed to between the Authorities and the HEB would facilitate future Thaipusam processions to be conducted in a harmonious manner.




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