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Strawberry pudding3- chitra from my kitchenYields – 20 small dessert cups of pudding

Mrs Chitra Visalakshi


For the pudding

• Milk – 750 ml
• Sugar – 1 ¼ Cups
• Agar Agar Powder – 10 grams
• Strawberry essence – 1 teaspoon
• Red food colouring – ½ teaspoon
For whipped cream frosting: (Optional)
• Whipping cream – ½ cup
• Icing sugar – 5 tablespoons


• Soak the Agar Agar powder in ¼ cup of hot water for 15 min.
• Add the sugar to the milk and heat it in a pan.
• Bring the milk to a boil and let it simmer for 2 minutes.
• Now add the Agar Agar mixture to the milk and keep stirring until dissolved.
• Remove from heat, and add in the strawberry essence and red food colouring.
• Strain the milk mixture through a sieve to remove any undissolved lumps.
• Pour into a desired mould and refrigerate for 3 hours.
• Serve cold with whipped cream topping.

For the whipped cream topping

• Beat the whipping cream and icing sugar in a stand mixture until stiff
peaks are formed.
• Fill a piping bag with the whipped cream and pipe over the set puddings.


• Use different flavoured essences and food colouring to make a variety of
pudding flavours.
• You can use any shallow dish set the pudding. Coat the dish with little bit
of oil before pouring in the pudding mixture. After the pudding sets in
the refrigerator, cut into squares and serve cold.

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