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Vegetarian Chinese Chicken Rice – August 15th, 2014

1) 1 cup basmati rice
2) vegetarian mushroom sauce
3) soya sauce
4) Chinese sesame oil
5) galangal( red ginger)-1.5 inches( scrape outer skin)
6) lemon grass- 1 thick stalk
7) ginger- -1.5 inches (scrape outer skin)
8) 2 pandan leaves
9) margarine
10) cumber- 1
11) vegetarian chiken drumsticks- as many as you want


1) Wash the basmati rice. Add 1 teaspoon(tsp) of soy sauce, 1tsp mushroom sauce, 1 tspn sesame oil to rice and soak the rice for 10 to 15 minutes.
2) slightly pound galangal, lemon grass and ginger coarsely- not too much or not till too pulpy.
3) Heat 2 spoons margarine in pan and stir fry the pounded ingredients above till it is fragrant.
4) Add rice and fried ingredients to rice cooker and add 2 cups of water. Add salt to taste and the 2 pandan leaves to the rice in the cooker. Let rice cook till done.
5) Scrape skin from cucumber and cut into round slices.
6) Deep fry vegetarian chicken drumsticks in oil.
7) Serve cooked rice with cucumber and chicken drumstick and chilli sauce. The best chill sauce is Tiger brand chilli sauce in a short bottle availabe at NTUC and Sheng Siong.

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