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Sudha Ragunathan – April 1st, 2002

Mrs: Sudha Ragunathan ranked number one in to-day’s carnatic music needs no introduction. She has attracted millions through her music, and is a down to earth person. She has launched more than fifty music cassettes. She is recipient of many awards including ‘Kalaimamani’. Her songs with enchanting melody are lively and enticing audience.

Being a mother of two children, she was put a question, as to how she balances her life and career?

Mrs: Sudha, started to share her experiences with a brief description of her family. “My husband Mr: Regunadhan worked for Indian Overseas Bank. Recently he obtained the Volunteer retirement Service. Presently he manages Amudham Musicals (pte) Ltd. We are blessed with two children: Kaushik ,my son is 17years, is doing his 2nd year bio-technology in P.S.G. Arts. Coiombatore. My daughter Malavika, 12 years, is in Rosery Metriculation, Chennai. I did my Masters in Economics in Ethiraj College, Chennai.

I started my music classes when I was nine years old. From my father’s family nobody is into music. Though my mum sings she did not give concerts. So, I would say I am the first in the family to give concerts!

When I was sixteen, I started to perform in the temples. When I turned nineteen,I started to take advance training under Mrs: M.L.Vasanthakumari.

Actually when you are young, your mum takes care of everything. But now you are a daughter-in-law; wife; mother. So you have got to play three kinds of different roles at a time. But I have no problem balancing both my family and career. I would consider myself a normal housewife.

I have no regular schedule each day. When I have concerts then I go out and perform so as when there are recordings. Rest of the time, I am at home taking care of my children. I cook, shop, clean, send my children to school, play board games with them, help them do their chart works, attend parents- teachers meeting. So I would say I am a happy and perfect housewife”!

So coming to the question of privacy, I was curious to know how her family takes it when she is being spotted by fans during their outings. Wouldn’t it upset her children, as it intrudes into their privacy?

Definitely not, as my children do have their own heroes, they know how thrilling it would be to meet their heroes. So they have accepted such situations. In fact they are happy because my popularity is an honor for them too’.

Also when I tour overseas for days together, they are used to get help from their father’. My in-laws are also very co-operative. At times I can not attend some family functions and they do not make a big deal about it. With out all their co-operations, it would not be easy to be a singer.

So, what are the ups and downs while leading a public life?

‘You can tour many countries. While representing the art of your country you are the ambassador of culture. You get to see the archaeological values of those countries. At the same time,even if you crack some joke unintentionally, at times that is interpreted wrongly. So you have got to be public conscious. So, I would say these are the ups and downs’.

How does she preserve her voice? ‘To preserve my voice, I avoid eating cold and sour items and I don’t speak loudly and for relaxations, I take a good walk’.

So, I would say absolutely I have no problem balancing my family and career. In fact I do it beautifully…

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