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Nithyasree Mahadevan – January 1st, 2005

Nithyasree-the melody queen is a well known figure and she made her debut into the Tamil cine field through the blockbuster movie “JEANS”. It would not be an exaggeration to say that people get mesmerized when the song’ kannodu kanbadhelam’ is on air. A chat with her.

1. When did you begin your music class?

Actually I began to sing when I was about six years old. But I started my proper vocal classes when I was ten years old. I practice for about six hours when I was in school, from 5–00 to 8-00 a.m. and 8-00 to 11-00 p.m. At times it would even extend till 2-00 in the wee hours of morning. So I would say I was very committed from the morning.

2. How much did your family members contribute in shaping you as a singer?

When I practice they point out the mistakes and a lot of comments will flow from all over. That helped me rectify my mistakes. Nothing was forced upon me. My grandmother Tmt: D.K.Pattamal was very supportive and is never strict. She always gives subtle advices like, ‘Sing well. Learn a lot’…

3. You hail from a musical back ground. So there is no surprise in you have chosen the musical field too. ………

No. It is not like that. I have a lot of cousins. My sister gives concerts. But purely my hard work and dedication has made me into what I am today. If there is a will, there will be a way………

4. Which is your favourite raga?

I enjoy all kinds of music. So, if asked to specify a raga which one am I to point out? I would say I like all. To point out a few may be kalyani, sahana, bairavi…Each one has its own charm and enticing melody.

5. Mostly you sing songs that have a karnatic base. Why is it so?

After 10 years of stage experience (vocal) I made my entry into movies. That is the turning point in my career. Followed by that I was offered songs with carnatic base. But these days I sing all kind of songs.

6. What is your opinion on the budding singers in Singapore?

There are a lot of talented upcoming singers in Singapore. They need to improve their talent. They lack in synchronization. If they can overcome this shortcomings, then they have a bright future.

7. What do you think about the Singapore fans?

I have been to Singapore twice. Singaporeans are excellent fans. They are very friendly. They enjoyed the concert. We had an overwhelming response. They expressed their views spontaneously.

8. There is a craze for western music. what do you have got to say on this?

Western music is more on the lighter side. On contrary, carnatic music is on the heavier side. If you have to enjoy carnatic music you need to possess deep knowledge in that field. To put it more precisely, going for a carnatic concert is like going to a temple and whereas going for a pop music is like going for a movie. The craze that exists towards western music is temporary. Carnatic music’s credibility will never diminish.

9. Are you interested in composing?

Definitely. I have composed many songs. I recently composed for series of devotional songs ‘kuzhal udhum Kannan’.

Thank You Mrs.Nithyasree Mahadevan.

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