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With an arresting title STANDING GUARD, the Former Indian Finance Minister, Mr P.Chidambaram has written an interesting book on the ebbys and sways of Indian politics, that is published by the Express Group.

Focussing on the Narendra Modi Government’s one year in office, Mr Chidambaram has commented on the various issues that had transpired during this period.

He has written on the Governance, Economy, Budget, policies and programs, politics, legislation and foreign affairs.

It is not for foreigners, let alone Singaporeans,  to be judgemental about the issues raised in the book. That is a matter for Indians and Indians alone.

One striking takeaway from the book is that a politician’s job is not done once he leaves office.He can still perform a service, as Mr Chidambaram has done, by being interested in , and commenting about issues relevant to public discourse.

As he has put it, “If people read what I write, that is reward enough; they do not have to agree with me.

The rewards will be even greater if my writing is able to influence people,alter policy and bring about a change for the better”.

Of course, if this is done without an agenda,that would be a situation devoutly to be wished.

Mr K.Kesavapany, Retired diplomat.

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