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Sree Thendayuthapani Temple – October 1st, 2009

Singapore Sree Thendayuthapani Temple Consecration Ceremony and the Thaipusam Festival then after

Some sources state the arrival of Nagarathar Community to Singapore in 1824. It is believed that they sailed in boats to Pinang and Singapore then. The Merchant bankers from the deep South Tamil nadu carried on their trade and business in the island and have been the most successful so far.

It was a practice to have brought a spear(vel) with them while making a trip across the sea, which they put under a pipel tree and had performed poojas and worshiped.

As they became more affluent, they started to construct a proper temple for Lord Thendayuthapani in Singapore. The Temple stone Slabs date the first consecration to 1859. Since then the the temple has been a land mark in Singapore.  Situated in the center of Singapore, the Temple attracts millions of devotees each year.

On 27th November, the Temple had its fourth conscecration ceremony, which also happened to be the Temple’s 150th anniversary. Unless told, it is unbelievable that the Temple is 150 years old. It looks very new to-date. It was during June 2009, the deities were shifted to the near by location. Then the Temple was started to renovate and it took six months period for the renovation.

As it was Hari Raya Haji on the November 27th 2009, Friday, and that being a public holiday,  there was an overwhelming response with over 30,000 devotees attending the consecration, says Mr. Renganathan the former trustee of the Temple.

He says, with over 300 volunteers serving in crowd control, Yaga salai, in the food preparation and distribution and in other areas, it was easier to manage the sea of people and the event was successful.

Mr. Renganathan reminisces, ‘it was Lord Almighty who helped us meet with the renovation work on time’. ‘The entire flooring was changed, Painted the Temple Tower, and the damages were over hauled in the estimated six months time, he says.

The road map for renovation work was laid out and was discussed every week in the committee meeting that envisaged prompt work.

The process of the entire consecration was carried out under the renowned priest from India, Mr. Pichukurrukal that was also attended by Ministers such as Mr. Jayakumar, Mr. K.Shanmugam, Mr. Tharman Shanmuga rathinam, Mr. Ishwaran and Member of the Parliament Miss: Indiranie Raja.

The Consecration magazine featuring information on the murugan temples around the world is another milestone.

The mandalaabishegam that took place for forty five days after the consecration ceremony had many performances of local artists and other celebrities including Mrs. Sudha Regunathan, Mrs. Nithyasree Mahadevan, Bombay Jayashree, Bombay sistesr, Mr. Unnikrishnan.

Staff quarters, food hall, a multipurpose hall in the third floor of the wedding hall are being constructed now. Thaipusam festival, an annual event took place well on the 30th January 2010.

In numerous devotees took kavadi, palkudam. As it was a week end, the crowd was larger and many serving the festival could help regulate the flow of people. It  is the ‘Glory and power of Lord Muruga’ that made all things possible!

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