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Book Release – April 1st, 2009

On the 15 th March, the important three components of Tamil literature poetry, stroy and article were released together in differnt books at Sree Thendayuthapani Temple, Singapore. The authors of the books, Mr. RM.Vairavan, Mr. CT.Arunachalam and Mrs. Soundaranayaki Vairavan have a lot in common. They are the members of Association of Singapore Tamil Writers, it was their first work, their books were published by manimekalai publication.

Mr. Ravindran, Former MP of Singapore was the Guest of Honour. While, Mr. Na. Aandeappan, the President of ASTW chaired the event. Dr. SP. Thinappan, spoke in praise of the authors. Dr SP. Thinnappan, being familiar with all the three writers family background, could talk in depth about them.   The books were reviewed by Ma. Anbalagan, (poem), Mr. Manickavasagam (story) and Dr. Rathina Vengadesan (articles). Mr. Suba Arunachalam was the Master of the Ceremony. All the three reviewers being exponents in their field, had reviewed the books in depth, highlighting the most important.

Agakan thirappum, the poetry collection by Mr. CT. Arunachalam deals with various topics including Srilankan issues, Current days problems, Singapore, Economy etc…Punakaikum Iyanthirangal, the story collection byMr. RM. Vairavan is based on the Social Life in Singapore. Singapore oru mulumaiyana parvai, the article collection by Mrs. Soundaranayaki Vairavan unravels the social life in Singapore. It has various sections on the sight seeing places, the Temples, Similarities between Tamil and Chinese Cultures etc.,

There was an overwhelming response to the function. It was attended by, over 350 people. Mr. Ravindran, released the first copy which was received by Mr. Mustafa. The dinner was served then after.

There was a wider consesus that such collective book releases will ease down the expenses in this economic down turn.

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