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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – October 21st, 2011

1.  You often emphasize on ‘awareness’.  How do we become aware?

‘Awareness’ is not learnt or cultivated by going to a class or a course.  The inner most core of your being is awareness. Until and unless you have that application, then it becomes difficult to be ‘aware’.  If you have the awareness to be aware, then it becomes easy.  When people are on this surface, they are only experiencing the surface of their life that is their mind and body. Nothing can be done to it – but in which ever way you are, you are aware.

2.  Is it possible for anyone to liberalize themselves from this world?

Definitely.  It is possible for everyone to liberalize themselves.  It is purely within oneself to make it possible.  For making it possible, you must place spirituality on top of your priority list.  All your energy must be directed towards that.  If you have spirituality among many other things in your life, then it is never going to happen.  You don’t need to search for it anywhere far.  It is with in you.  So, when it is within you, who else can stop you from attaining it?

3. How can anyone ever maintain their inner peace?

If you are not going to make this little mind peaceful, how can you make this big world peaceful?  What one actually see is the projection of this world through their little mind.  You can not look  outward when you are identified with something so strongly, as all the other doors are closed.  You will only react in the way that you are thinking and you will less understand others problems.  So, it is better to understand through your intelligence than through your reaction.  If you do so, then you will look at the things the way you are and not from an identity.

4.  Why has God created  ‘Human Beings”?

First you must understand that each and every human being is only a tiny speck in this universe.  Today, we are living.  Tomorrow if we are going to die, nobody is going to question us.  Only if you do not lead a blissful life, than you will raise this question.  Some how this life has become a struggle and pain.  If you are leading a blissful life, then, you will not ask this question.  Do not keep asking this question to in numerous people and try to find a solution to it.  Every culture, region, country will unravel its own stories.  So, instead of asking ‘why’, you should put a question as ‘how’.  Then you will soon find a solution.


5. Hindus believe in life after death.  What do you say about this?

You should first live the life here.  Instead, why think and ask of life after death?  That is totally a different dimension.  First you must understand the world you are in and should stop asking questions about something that is in a different dimension.  You must only understand the limitations that you are bound to.  If you are going to keep questioning, what is heaven?  what is God?  then it will only lead you to hallucinations.  If you understand and free yourself from these bondage, where you will have to go anyway you will go.

6.  How do we understand the support from the people around us and gain their faith?

If you are just dealing with only one people, then you will only need to understand them and act accordingly to gain their support.  If you happen to work with thousand people and expect all the thousand to understand and support you, you will not be moving an inch.  Each one has their limitations and you must try to understand that boundaries.  Then only you will have the power to move with that situation.  If you want to get close to someone, you must first try to understand them well.  Only then, you can enjoy the relationship and get their support.  At the same time, if you are expecting that person to comply with you all the time with much understanding, then you will be opening an avenue for more differences of opinion.  That altitued will be far more than between the enemies.

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