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Mr. SP.Muthuraman – April 1st, 2001

Mr. SP.Muthuraman was born in 1935 and his parents are Mrs. visalakshi achi and Mr.Rma. Subbaiah Chettiar. After working as an assistant director for more than 15 years, Mr. Muthuraman became director in 1973 by directing the film’Kani muthu papa’. He has directed more than 75 films and many of his films have run more than 100 days and are silver jubliee hits. Senior artists Shivaji Ganesan, Rajinikanth, Kamalahaasan, Sivakumar, Vijayakanth and many more famous actors have acted under him. Movies like ‘arilirundhu arubadhu varai, oru oothappu kan simitukirathu, bhuvana oru kelvikuri have won Best director awards for him.

He is know for his outstanding direction but apart from that, he is also very approachable. I met Mr.SP.Muthuraman at the AVM studio, where he was directing the Sun TV serial ‘Nimmadhi Ungal Choice’ casting Swarnamalya and Vijay adhiraj.

The excerpts from his interview…

1. What are your likes?

I like all aspects that are assosciated with art. Mainly, I like directing movies. My other likings are reading books and watching drama.

2. What are your dislikes?

I hate lazy people spending their time idly with out doing any work.

3. What are you conscious about?

I am very conscious about what I am going to shoot the next day.I make sure I do the home work for the next day’s shooting.

4. Who is the most influential person in your life?

Mr. A.V.Meyyappa Chettiar.His deeds are wonderful and are everlasting.

5. What is your plus point?

My hard work.

6. What is your weakness?

I am not very strict with people. My lenience is considered my weakness.

7. Which will be your memorable day?

The day all the artists live together as a family will be my most memorable day.

8.The day that you would like to forget…..

The day my wife died. She was my pillar of strength. She has sacrificed so much for the welfare of our family. She is always alive in our memories.

10. What is your advise to the youngsters who aspire to join the film industry?

First they must ask themselves if they have the skill to direct movies. Then they should make an entry and if they work hard, then they can be successful.

11. Do you think that the film industry is apt for women?

To an extent yes. The problem is the improper timings that demand them to work.So balancing their career and family can be difficult.

12. Describe yourself……..

I am a very content man. Be its family or career, I have been having a satisfying life.I am a very friendly person and I will always be.

Thank You Mr.SP.Muthuraman

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