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NUS Tamil Language Society is proud to have organized the Singapore Tamil Youth Conference 2018, which was headed by its Chairman, Halida Thanveer and Vice-Chairman, Jason Lorenzo that took place on the 21st and 22nd July. With the support of around 100 youth, the conference served well in engaging the youth in thought-provoking discussions and exposing themselves to new skills such as film-making.

Over the two days, the delegates had come up with recommendations to tackle the issues discussed and presented them to Mr Vikram Nair (MP for Sembawang GRC, Vice-Chairman, REACH) during the closing ceremony.

Ms Halida said to Online Voice that, ‘The summary of the discussions has already been submitted to REACH, government feedback unit to see how some of the ideas can be converted into actions. The Youth Manifesto will also be compiled and distributed as a way to archive the conference proceedings as well as to allow organizations to take up some of the suggestions’.

NUS TLS thank their Guest of Honour for the Opening Ceremony, Mr Anbarasu Rajendran (Acting – CEO, SINDA) and Guest of Honour for the  Closing Ceremony, Mr Vikram Nair (MP for Sembawang GRC, Vice-Chairman, REACH) for gracing their  event.

They also were very thankful to the the many who were involved in this conference.

They said, ‘we would like to thank our partners, Tamil Language and Learning Promotion Committee (TLLPC) REACH, Singapore for aiding us in all ways possible and all our Sponsors for putting the trust on Youths like us who want to make a difference. Thank you to our Advisory Panel, Academic and Expert Panelists and Focus-Group Participants for all their inputs throughout this year-long journey. Thank you to our Master of the Ceremony for the 2 days, Saravanan Shanmugam and our Technical Crew for ensuring no glitches and a smooth flow of the event. Thank you Damaru Singapore and our very own Sangae Dancers for their amazing performance for our opening and closing ceremonies. And thank you to all directorates – Academics, Publicity, Logistics, Canvassing and Events teams for all ytheir hard work throughout. Thank you to all Facilitators who took the time to attend our workshops and training with much energy and enthusiasm and to SINDA Youth Club for coming together to organize the facilitation workshop. Thank you to our NUS Alumni, NTU TLS, SMU Tamizha and TRC Youth Wing for their continued support in STYC 2018 just like in all of our other events. Lastly, we are thankful for the support of over 100 Youths for making this event a success.

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