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Mrs. Harini 2 – October 1st, 2006

Harini, is a young carnatic singer who also dabbles in to-day’s cine field. A mother of two children, is a simple person. Here is a telephonic interview with Harini. Her husband Mr.Tippu is an equally popular singer and the duo are heading towards a bright future in their singing career…

It is believed that music has an aptitude to cure diseases. Is it true?

As far as I am concerned, when ever I have a headache, I listen to good melodious songs. It definitely helps reduce tension. They say music has a lot of other powers too. It is believed that if you sing the raga ‘amirthavarshini’ perfectly, then it rains.

Is it essential to have a carnatic base to sing film songs?

It is not an absolute necessary. There are many singers existing now, without carnatic base. If one has a carnatic base, then it enhances their grasping power. My carnatic base has helped me a lot. I made my entry into the cine field due to my carnatic base. You will be more confident, as you know that you don’t stray away from that raga.

Can those without carnatic base sustain for a long in the cine field?

Yes. With more practice and listening to more songs, they can sustain. Now a day, expression is considered more important than knowing it technically. Constant practice is a vital to sustain.

What is your practicing schedule? Does it differ from stage to stage?

When I first began my career, I was a single and minor. My parents took care of everything. So I had more time to practice. Now I am a mother of two children. My daughter is four years old and my son is one and a half years old. So the timings are restricted. But Still I make sure I practice.

5. How do you balance your family and career?

I am not a kind who can shrug off my responsibility; I never give excuse for not taking care of my children. I do prioritize. My family and children come first. This is the first time I am away from my children for four days. I manage with the help of my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. My son is quite adaptive.

So, are you a perfect happy mother?

Yes. I am. I do all the household chores like cooking, taking care of my children etc…..As we are freelancers, it is possible.

7. Have you given any carnatic concerts?

Yes I do have. Though, now, I am not a full time carnatic singer.

8. How long did you learn carnatic music?

I started very early. For nearly ten years, I learnt carnatic music.

9. After how many years of training, were you confident of identifying the ragas?

After five to six years of my music training, I was confident of identifying ragas.

10. What is your piece of advice to the upcoming singers?

Most essential is that they must practice well. You should have interest in music. If you have the interest and with practice, it is easier to learn music. If not even if you learn for decades, it is difficult. More practice makes one perfect.

(In the next issue she shares her experiences with Singapore, how she met her husband, the difference between carnatic and cine music and her own singing experiences…Look for it…)

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