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Mr.Chandhrababu Naidu – April 1st, 2003

With Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr: Chandhrababu Naidu at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore. He is a dynamic and vibrant leader.

1. What are the qualities that you admire about the Singapore Government?

Singapore Government’s strict rules and regulations and discipline are those most that I admire. These qualities envisage effective functioning and hence one must impart these qualities from them. Though they are a small country, they are very efficient. They make the best use of world’s technologies and keep the country and its people prosperous.

2. You have said that, “Singapore is your role model”. Why is it so?

When I quote Singapore as my role model, many are apprehensive as how to quote a small sized country as an example. When China is being quoted as an example, then it draws another sort of criticism that ” China follows Communism. Leaders are not voted to power.” Hence, I think it is difficult to have any role models. America on the other hand, is well developed. Malaysia, Korea are also developed. So, all over the world, many experiments are going on. Each country is successful in one or another way.

3. Despite abundant resources, India still remains a developing nation? What is the reason?

India is blessed with both human and natural resources. But we lack in the efficient functioning and implementation of the reforms. If the reforms are implemented carefully, India can develop well. After the economic reforms we have achieved about 6.5% growth rate. With abundant market and resources both India and China have brighter future. I am sure India will soon adhere to the right path.

4. Can India keep pace with the fast developing China?

China implements reforms very quickly, be its information technology, Industrial sector or Transportation. India’s strength is its sources. So, undoubtedly India can also develop. It is just the matter of time. But I don’t look that far ahead. It will happen soon.

5. How soon?

I would say we have already started to move in the right direction. Many times we have discussed that, ‘Meeting among all parties must be conducted with an objective to discuss as to how to implement reforms in all sectors. If something of that sort happens, then reforms will happen automatically.’

6. How do you foresee India’s economic growth in ten years time?

Definitely it will be in a good shape. I am not skeptical about that. The faster the reforms are implemented, the faster the growth will be. For example, for the past seven years, I have been insisting on privatizing the telecommunication sector, which finally came into action, two years ago. As a result Reliance is doing a remarkable service throughout the country.

7. Do you think that the general public is well aware of the political situation?

Yes. People are very intelligent. They are very careful in choosing their leaders.

8. What are your future plans in developing Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh is doing extremely well in the Information Technology and Scientific sectors. 30 to 35% of the medical products of India are manufactured in Andhra Pradesh and this industry is likely to experience very rapid growth. Further, I intend capitalize on the natural gas that is available in the Krishna-Godhavari basin. In two to three years time Andhra Pradesh will be potent to supply 50 to 60% of the natural gas needs of India.

9. Whom do you attribute your success to?

I would like to be even more successful by studying the lives of prominent leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Lee Kuan Yew and N T Ramarao . I do research in many ways. I want to be involved in good politics. I want to run a good Government.

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