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Dr. Kalaingar Karunanidhi – April 1st, 2003

1. Can you share with us an incident that took place, when you were young, which is still memorable?

When I was 16, there was an agitation against the domination of Hindi in Tamilnadu under Thanthai Periyar and Aringar Anna. My love for the Tamil language got me into the movement and subsequently that paved way for my political entry. That incident is ever green in my memory.

2. In case if God appears in front of you and says ‘you will be Dr: Kalaingar Karunanidhi.’ But none can recognize you. Do what you wish for a day. What will you wish to do that day?

There are many without God’s belief. If he appears in front of me, then, I will tell him prove his presence to the world.
3.So you mean to say you have no belief in God…

No. Our party DMK’s principle is that there is ‘only one God and one Religion.’ Our main belief is that Almighty’s presence is seen in poor man’s smile.

4. In spite of scientific inventions growth, under what situations do you think people have not changed?

To-day’s television, computer, radio is all due to scientific inventions. Still, when you start to operate it people show arathi and put kumkum for it. I regret for such a kind of mental attitude,

5. Your role model…….

Aringar Anna and Thanthai Perriyar.

6. Your experience with Singapore………

I have not spent much time in Singapore. But I have spent some time in Kuala Lumpur. The love those people have on me is immense. I do love them the same way. I am really impressed with the Singapore Government’s strict rules and regulations.

7.Do you go to theaters and watch movies?

No. Not really. Last movie I saw was Kamalahasan’s ‘Hey Ram’ in a private theatre.

8. Your favorite TV programs……

Vanakkam Tamilagam, interviews and news.

9.Your favorite song………

Manidhan marivittan, madhdhil yerivittan(smiles).

9. Which of your children speaks so boldly with you?

Kanimozhi. She can argue very boldly with me.


It was my pleasure meeting Dr: Kalaingar Karunanidhi!

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