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Indian Cultural Fiesta

The Indian Cultural Fiesta (ICF) is a yearly event organized by LISHA since 2010. The first event was inaugurated by Singapore’s founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew on the 13th April, 2010. There are about 20 Indian communities in Singapore. They are unique and have their own cultural identity.

The ICF is an initiative of LISHA to bring all these communities together and to showcase their culture to the community at a large.

Chithirai Vizha (TNY)

Chithitrai, the first month of the aicalendar and it falls in the month of the April. LISHA organises a ‘Chithirai Vizha’ during the month of April each year with series of events targeting all age groups like general public, tourists, students, migrant workers and others. This year the events will go from April 8th to 29th.

This year’s theme is ‘Avaiyar’, as ancient poet who has written numerous poems on morals and values. LISHA has decided to display 64 street banners along both sides (32 on each side) of Serangoon Road for the whole month of April. These banners will have a proverb of Avvaiyar in English and Tamil with a simplified meaning.

Indian Ethnic Food Trails

For the food lovers, it is an opportunity to taste the food in the restaurants of Gayathri, Junior Kuppana, Flavours, Shivam and Nagarkovil Aarya Bavan, as they will be on the ethnic Indian food trails on the 8th, 15th and 29th April between 3-00 pm and 5-00 pm. The visitors will be allowed to taste the finger food on display. There will be write-ups about the food in the restaurants which will be uniquely decorated as per the heritage settings. Each visitor will only be paying $10, which will allow them to taste the food at all five different restaurants.

Indian Ethnic Exhibition

Indian Ethnic Exhibition will take place on the 15th and 23rd of April, from 9-00 am to 6-00 pm at Birch Road open field. LISHA has identified fifteen communities namely Bangladeshi, Malayalee, Malwa, Marwari, Pubjabi, Maharashtra, Hindi, Sindhi, Kannada, Indian Peranakan, Gujarti, Bengali, Indian Muslims, Tamils etc…The theme for the exhibition is ‘food’ and each community will mention an unique write-up about a food representing their ethnicity and a small write-up about them and their presence of Singapore. These will be put up in the exhibition. LISHA plans to erect sixteen-panel booths for the exhibition. It will be open to the public.

Indian cultural Fiesta 2023 that will take place on the 15th April at the Birch Road, from 7-00 pm to 10-00 pm, will showcase the dance performances of the various Indian communities in Singapore.

Chithirai Kalai Vizha is a cultural show to celebrate Tamil New Year. Ms Barathi, a popular orator from India will be delivering a speech on Avaiyaar for an hour and various cultural shows will be part of the event. Singapore’s honourable Minister for Law Mr K Shanmugam and the High Commissioner of Singapore to India Mr Kumaran Periasamy are invited as VVIP.

The other programs include sunset street fun yoga, public speaking in Tamil for students, joy of tradition program, school learning experience programme and Thirukural writing event.

Information and photos: LISHA press kit

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