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Brown bread is bread made with significant amounts of whole grain flour, usually wheat, and sometimes dark-coloured ingredients such as molasses or coffee. In Canada, Ireland and South Africa, it is whole wheat bread, in the Maritimes and New England, it is bread made with molasses. Brown bread is made up of wheat flour at atta which makes it free of extra carbs and calories. This makes brown bread fit for the Keto diet as well. Also, it is rich in fiber and other nutrients. Brown bread has fibre, vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy choice. It helps keep blood sugar level in check, regulates bowel movements and helps in reducing cholesterol. It also reduces hypertension, risk of stroke, gastrointestinal disorder and obesity. Moreover, it’s also low in calories.

Consuming wholemeal bread in moderation should not cause weight gain, but it will provide the necessary energy for the body. However, a person who wishes to manage their weight or lose weight should consider the following points: Taking in more calories than the body needs for energy will lead to weight gain. Brown bread is made up of the entire wheat grain which is high in vitamins, minerals and proteins whereas white bread is made up of only the endosperm which is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Hence, brown bread is considered healthier than white bread.

In one study, people on a lower-calorie diet that included whole grains, such as whole wheat bread, lost more belly fat than those who ate only refined grains, such as white bread and white rice. Whole grains provide more vitamins, minerals, and fiber than refined. But overdoing whole wheat bread can add pounds, too. A fibre-rich diet helps to maintain bowel integrity and can also aid in reducing bad cholesterol. However, when choosing brown bread, make sure you read the label because contrary to belief, brown bread doesn’t automatically mean it’s 100 per cent whole wheat bread. A little awareness and eye for detail can help us go a long way when it comes to eating wise and choosing genuine stuff. Do check out a few of my interesting ideas using brown bread in sandwiches/ filling bites/ mini meal options.

Here are a few uses of Brown Bread which can be useful in our Kitchens:

  • Brown bread for breakfast: there are a number of ways in which brown bread can come handy for morning breakfasts from a brown bread toast, to toasted brown bread slices loaded with avocado, eggs and more. Brown bread upma with a touch of spice and nuts, seeds etc are a good way to start the day.
  • Brown bread for lunches and dinners: planning a light meal, a quick bite concept, sizzle it up with brown bread as a component which can add a varied touch and feel to the menu plan. From canapes to open sandwiches and lunchbox concepts, brown bread can be very useful when it comes to consuming wise meals.
  • Brown bread for snacky meals: an assortment of high tea, evening snack bites, toasts and treats are a good choice to dress up using brown bread. It is not only filling, nutritionally balanced but also adds a great satiety value when it comes to light bites.
  • Brown bread for sweet dishes/ desserts: a popular bread pudding, shahi tukda, double ka meetha and more can be easily dished out using brown bread in place of the regular white bread and making a few changes in the recipes with a healthy touch to it can create wonderful sweet delicacies to savour as well.

Here are a few of my all-time favorite recipes using Brown Bread.



Brown bread slices- 10-12 no

For the topping:

Oil- 2 tsp

Butter-1-2 tsp

Garlic- 1 tsp chopped

Onion-1 small chopped

Tomato- 1 small chopped

Green capsicum- ½ chopped

Boiled sweet corn- ½ cup

Celery-2 stalks, chopped

Salt to taste

Black pepper powder to taste

Mixed herbs- ¼ tsp

Chili flakes- ¼ tsp

Chaat masala-1/4 tsp

Tomato ketchup-2-3 tbsp.

Tabasco/Capsico sauce- ½ tsp

Peanut butter-2-3 tsp

Cheese-2-3 tbsp. grated


1. Prepare all the ingredients for the masala toasts as listed above.

2. Trim the sides/crusts of the bread a little and cut them into fancy shapes as desired. At times I do it in one piece and then after being toasted cut them into sharp triangles/squares or so and serve them.

3. While some prefer to toast the slices a little before placing the topping for final plating, we also at times do it without prior toasting as well.

4. Apply a little butter and peanut butter/ tomato ketchup in combination with a little chili sauce on the bread slices and keep aside.

5. In a pan saute the garlic, onion, capsicum, corn, tomatoes for a few mins, add in chopped green chilies if desired as well along with the seasonings, herbs, chili flakes and cook for 2 mins. remove and keep aside.

6. Spoon over the prepared topping on the bread pieces and sprinkle a little cheese over and place them on a baking tray in a pre-heated oven at 180 deg celsius for 3-4 mins or until nicely toasted and cheese melts on the top. Remove and serve hot with dips/sauces of your choice. Add non-veg toppings like boiled chopped chicken/ boiled eggs, sausages etc as well.



Brown bread – 10-12 slices

For the spread: any one or a combination.

Butter- 2-3 tbsp.

Cream cheese- 2-3 tbsp.

Mayonnaise sauce- 2-3 tbsp.

Pesto sauce- 2-3 tsp

Chili garlic mayonnaise-2-3 tsp

For the fillings: any 1 or more choices.

Cheese slices- 4-5 no

Sliced ham/ chicken ham- 2-3 slices

Sliced salami/ chicken salami-4-5 slices

Boiled chicken breasts- 3-4 slices

Double fried eggs – 2-3 no cooked

Boiled eggs- 2-3 no, sliced

Tomato slices- 4-6 no

Cucumber slices- 4-6 no

Onion slices- 4-6 no

Assorted lettuce leaves- 1 cup

Choose between iceberg lettuce, Lollorosso lettuce etc

Salt and pepper to taste

Sliced black olives/ green olives

Sliced jalapeno peppers

Fresh basil herb/ parsley etc.


1. Pre-prep all the ingredients for the loads between the sheets.

2. Pre-cook and prepare all the ingredients for the sandwich filling [ roasting/ boiling/ steaming/ panfrying etc can be done]

3. Slightly toast the brown bread slices and apply a choice of your spread individually or in a combination of spreads.

4. Place the lettuce leaves on the bread pieces, now arrange the cold cuts/ ham, salami slices and add ons like chicken and veggies.

5. Sprinkle light seasonings on the veggies, cheese slices etc and add the olives/ jalapenos etc as well in between the layers to add some tartness in the sandwich.

6. Close the sandwich and either cut and serve as it is or lightly toast/grill it and then serve with french fries, coleslaw etc.



Brown bread- 10-12 slices

For the choice of spread:

Butter- 2-3 tsp

Cream cheese- 2-3 tsp

Mayonnaise-2-3 tsp

Pesto sauce- 2-3 tsp

Mustard mayonnaise- 2-3 tsp

Hung curd and mint spread-2-3 tsp

For the filling:

Veg options:

Lettuce leaves- 1 cup, assorted

Carrots- ½ cup small cubes, boiled

French beans-3-4 no, cut and boiled

Green peas-1/4 cup, boiled

Boiled potatoes-1/2 cup, cut into small cubes

Pineapple-1-2 slices, cut into small cubes

Cream cheese-1-2 tsp

Salt and pepper to taste

Veg mayonnaise- ½ cup or hung curd with pesto.

Sliced tomatoes- 3-4 no

Sliced cucumber-3-4 no

For the filling:

Non-veg options:

Assorted lettuce leaves- 1 cup, assorted

Boiled eggs-2-3 no, cut into small cubes

Boiled chicken- 1 cup, cut into small cubes

Sliced/chopped chicken sausages-1/4 cup

Salt and pepper to taste

Egg mayonnaise-1/2 cup

Pineapple -1-2 slices, cut into small pieces

Cream cheese-1-2 tsp

Sliced tomatoes- 3-4 no

Sliced cucumber-2-3 no


1. Prepare all the components of the brown bread loaded sandwich.

2. Assemble and pre-cook all the ingredients as listed for the various parts of the sandwich.

3. Veggies/non-veg options can go a long way when it comes to making a choice for example- soya keema tikkis, paneer Hariyali kabab slices etc can also be placed in between the bread slices. Similarly, for non-veg we can use tuna fish as well, sliced chicken tikka in a little schezuan mayonnaise also goes well.

4. Assemble all the parts of the sandwich starting from slightly toasting the bread slices, applying the spread and then layering.

5. Grill/toast before serving as well and offer it with tomato ketchup/ dips/ sauces and chips.



Brown bread slices- 10-12 no

For the choice of spreads:

Almond butter- 2-3 tsp

Peanut butter- 2-3 tsp

Mustard butter- 2-3 tsp

Olive and parsley mayonnaise-2-3 tsp

Chili garlic mayonnaise-2-3 tsp

For the filling:

Assorted lettuce leaves- 1 cup, iceberg lettuce/ Lollorosso lettuce/ fresh salad leaves as per choice.

Chickpeas- ½ cup boiled

Black eye peas- ¼ cup boiled

Salt and pepper to taste

Shallots/onions- 2 tbsp. chopped

Green chilies- 1 tsp chopped

Boiled cubed potatoes-1/4 cup

Tomatoes-2-3 tbsp. chopped

Mint leaves- 10-12 no

Parsley-1-2 tsp chopped

Lime juice-2 tsp

Hung curd- ½ cup

Mustard paste-1/4 tsp

Capsico/tabasco-1/2 tsp


1. Prepare all the ingredients for the sandwich recipe as listed.

2. Complete all tasks related to pre-cooking of the ingredients for the recipe before proceeding.

3. Slightly toast the bread slices a little and apply a choice of spread on the bread pieces.

4. In a mixing bowl, combine together the peas and all other ingredients for the tossed veggie option.

5. Add seasonings to taste, hung curd etc and bind it all up well into a sandwich filling.

6. Portion out the filling in between the bread slices and sandwich them cut them into smaller pieces and serve it immediately. For non-veg options, we can choose between reshmi malai chicken kababs, sliced tandoori fish, chinese style garlic pepper prawns and more.



Brown bread slices- 6- 8 no

For the choice of spread:

Peanut butter- 2-3 tsp

Mustard butter- 2-3 tsp

Olive and parsley mayonnaise-2-3 tsp

Butter-2-3 tsp

Walnut – chili butter-2-3 tsp

For the filling of the sandwich:

Tuna fish- 1 cup, tinned/canned- drained

Onions/ shallots- 2-3 tsp chopped

Green chili-1 tsp chopped

Green capsicum-2-3 tsp chopped

Gherkins- 1-2 tsp chopped

Parsley/ coriander/ mint- 2-3 tsp chopped

Lime juice-1-2 tsp

Mayonnaise-1/2 cup

Grated cheese-2-3 tsp

Olives- 2-3 tsp sliced

Mustard paste-1/2 tsp

Sliced tomatoes- 3-4 no

Sliced cucumber-3-4 no

Add ons/ variations:

Boiled diced potatoes/ grilled paneer/ tofu for veg/ roasted sliced sweet potato slices/ assorted mixed veggies.


1. Prepare all the ingredients for the tuna salad sandwich recipe as listed above in order to assemble all in one.

2. Tuna fish is available in tinned/canned options preserved in brine solution/ oil preserve as well, ensure to remove all the liquid content from the fish before being mixed into the sandwich filling.

3. Slightly toast the bread slices and apply a little butter or spread of your choice on the pieces. Now in a mixing bowl, combine together the tuna fish with all other ingredients and give it a nice mix.

4. Place a few lettuce leaves on the brown bread slices and then spoon over the creamy tuna mixture and place a few sliced veggies as desired for color/ crunch and taste.

5.Close the sandwich and secure the filling well, cut into pieces as desired/ serve immediately with finger chips/ ketchup etc.



Brown bread slices- 10-12 no

For the choice of spread:

Butter-2-3 tsp

Cream cheese- 2-3 tsp

Minted mayonnaise- 2-3 tsp

Chutney mayonnaise- 2-4 tsp

Schezuan mayonnaise- 2-4 tsp

Hung curd with pepper- 2-3 tsp

For the filling/stuffing:

Oil-1 tsp

Butter-1 tsp

Garlic- 1 tsp chopped

Onion-1 small chopped

Sweet corn-1/2 cup boiled

Green capsicum-1/2 no chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

Mixed herbs-1/4 tsp

Chili flakes- ½ tsp

Cheese- 2-3 tbsp. grated

White sauce-1/4 cup

Parsley- 2-3 tsp, chopped

Other add on options:

Sliced cheese-2-3 no

Sliced roast chicken slices- 2-3 no

Sliced jalapenos/ olives- 2-4 no

Tofu/ paneer slices, grilled- 2-3 no

Aloo tikkis/ Hariyali chicken tikka- 4-5 pieces


1. Prepare all the ingredients for the yummy fix up brown bread sandwich.

2. Slightly toast the brown bread sandwiches and apply a little spread of your choice as per the list.

3. Heat oil and butter in a pan and saute the garlic, onion for a few seconds, add in the capsicum, corn and saute for 1-2 mins.

4. Add in the seasonings, herbs, chili flakes, and mix, add a little cream cheese/ white sauce if desired as well to make it a little binding up by itself.

5. Turn off the flame, remove the filling into a plate, slightly cool it down a little, add little cheese mix and place it in between the bread slices and cover them.

6. Place the sandwiches in between a hot grill/ toaster and cook it until lightly browned, apply a little butter if needed and cut into triangles/ squares and serve hot with chips/ potato wedges/ tossed salad/ coleslaw.

Dr. Kaviraj Khialani- Celebrity Master Chef, is a Mumbai based food- health & lifestyle consultant. With around 25 years of quality experience with hotels, airlines, consultancy – training & development he is a recipient of several national awards & global recognitions. Chef Kaviraj is specialised in over 33 international cuisines and loves fusion cooking, creating new recipes and sharing his experience with foodies around the globe. He has also been featured on star plus & colors television on several food shows. He may be contacted via email: / WhatsApp- 9820939336.


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