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JALA DHAUTI – November 13th, 2013

Mrs N M Parvathi, Singapore

Jala Dhauti is a yoga technique used for cleansing the stomach. It’s an amazing cleansing technique for people suffering from indigestion and acidity. It helps to relieve lethargy from our body. As it clears the toxins from the body, one can feel that the body has become flexible and light. It can be done once in every six months. One cycle may span from ten days to a fortnight. It depends on the individuals.

Get up early in the morning. Take a big jar of lukewarm water. (Approximately 6 to 8 cups) Start drinking the water one glass at a time. Drink to the extent that you can’t consume any further. Wait for 30 seconds. Stand and bend forward. Push your abdomen inwards and start vomiting the water. You may apply multiple pushes. Make sure you throw most of it. Do not stop in between.

Initially, you may find it difficult, but after practice you will be able to throw out easily. Day by day you may feel all kinds of tastes, salt, sour and bitter, as you vomit. Finally the water starts to come clear as it is. Once you feel so, you may stop in two or three days after that. This is to ensure thorough cleansing.

After the process, wait for at least half an hour to one hour, before you proceed with your breakfast and/or drink. This is the reason why you will have to wake up earlier than usual.

This is an excellent technique, which is not only useful for adults, but for children as well.(Eight and above). You can encourage them to drink at least five to six cups. If they find it difficult to vomit, you can enable it by making them tickle their throat with their finger tips gently. (This is applicable for adults too, who find it difficult to vomit spontaneously.) You need not worry even if they are reluctant to throw out. Drinking water early in the morning helps ease bowel movement and there are several other benefits. So you need not force them to vomit. They will gradually pick up the technique from the adults who are practicing along.

You may perform this process for long cycles such as 21 days. But, it’s better to start with much lesser cycles, such as 5 days. School holidays are ideal, to start the practice, which gives ample time for both parents and children.

Good luck!

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