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Elections in India – January 1st, 2004

On the wake of parliamentary elections in India, all political parties are busy trying to forge formidable coalitions. Once the coalition process is over, this would be the scenario:

Grass root workers will toil, to ensure the party is on winning sphere. Leaders visit people promising never ending reforms and slander the opposition, to counter balance their strength. This same theme would be adopted in public meetings. Maximum measures would be taken at this point, to win votes, as this will lay the platform for the next five years rule.

For the illiterates, it is more a festival season as they get to see a glimpse of their leaders or ‘heroes’. The literates and the rich opt to stay away from the election process and they just closely monitor the issues. Since its independence India still remains a developing nation. With both human and natural resources, India is to have attained a spellbinding development.

What is the reason for India still being a developing nation? This can be attributed to many factors. Few issues are Corruption at all levels of the government, bribery, overpopulation, illiteracy, multi-facet culture, non-clear policy attitude, no determination to implement the accepted policies and so others.

Since my childhood, this has been the election scenario. Due to the development in technology, there are some changes in voting process. Voters are given identity cards and they vote through an electronic mode of voting system.

India is emerging as a global power with its abundant resources. Paradoxically, many are impoverished. In India, rich remains rich and the poor remain poor.

In order to bring a balance among the various sections of people, I feel an effective leader has to be elected. Many suggestions to change India’s destiny have already been out in print.

But my fervent hope and suggestion would be the following:

1. Impose Wider and Stricter Rules to the Contestants.

2. Impose Rules for Voters.

So who should be allowed to contest in elections?

1. Those who have attained a Masters degree from one of the reputed universities. 2. Who are totally free of corruption charges. 3. Those who are civil servants or professionals. 4. A preliminary examination should be conducted on world economy and Indian economy and those who have cleared the examination (To ensure they are well equipped and knowledgeable) 5. Those spend the necessary sum for the election.

So who should vote?

1. Only those who has a minimum of bachelor’s degree. 2. Who clears the examination on current affairs.

So do you think this will level the differences?

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