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Democratic India’s TV Media – October 1st, 2003

As we all know India is an independent country with democratic form of Government. Vast country with abundant resources remain a developing country for decades. In a talk show in one of the famous TV channels there was a criticism as, “India was a developing country, is a developing country and will always be a developing country.” People could just laugh at it but could not do much about it. So it is mysterious why is India not developed to its potential? Who is to be blamed? The Government or the people who nominate it?

Only remarkable growth the developing Indian nation has seen in the last ten years is the TV media. I remember in the mid-eighties, there was only one Government channel ‘dhordarshan’ adorning one’s TV screen. That time during Friday night 8-00’o’ clock programme chithrahar containing the latest cine songs was televised and it was the most hot one. People get glued to it so as leaving the streets deserted. Now, when you pass through any corner of the street, latest cine songs could be heard round the clock. It is undoubtedly due to the advent of the number of private TV channels. There are more than 60 channels people in India are greeted with. Now TV is one of the accessories of even the low paid workers and is part and parcel of one’s day to day life.

In the developing Indian Nation, no media is as powerful as the Television. So, what is the role of the private channels in shaping the Nation and how much effective and genuine the messages are delivered across?

For (eg) during the political drama of the arrest of the Tamil Nadu’s ex Chief Minister Mr. Karunanidhi during 2001, it was crystal clear how much impact the TV channels had on the public. People changed their mind and viewed at the incident according to the latest news they were given by the private channels. Knowing the psychology of the people, these channels used the latest graphics and changed the whole incident in favor of them. So, what is the state of the poor public? Once the latest news have been televised, they form a group and discuss on what has happened forgetting the fact that none of their personal work has been carried out that day!

In case, if India wishes to compete with other developed Nations, sure there are enough sources and the important and fore most factor will be the formation of a true and steering Government in both Central and State levels and also the TV channels should guide the people properly with inspiring talk shows, more educative and neutral programmes and none of the TV channels must be politically influenced or biased. It should see to that people are not influenced negatively and a clear picture of what has happened must be televised.

As this media is very powerful it can pass the stimulating messages reach all people and India can march towards a brighter twenty first century.

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