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Executive Committee Members of AKVS with Mr Jawed Ashraf, Indian High Commissioner, Mr Ponraj, Former adviser to the late President Mr Abdul Kalam and Ms Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, the singer

Late President of India Dr Abdul Kalam is a well revered leader, who had touched millions of people through his principles. Singapore now has a formed a society called ‘Abdul Kalam Vision Society’ which had it’s opening ceremony on the 21st July 2018 at the PGP Hall, Singapore, which was attended by over 400 people. Abdul Kalam Vision Society (AKVS) will organize knowledge enhancing events, lectures, essay competitions and take to people the ideas and values that Kalam espoused.

Mr Jawed Ashraf, India’s High Commissioner to Singapore, who was the Guest of Honour, spoke at length about Dr Kalam’s association with the students, his achievements and his principles which are applicable not just to India but to the whole world. He also lauded on the efforts of the organizers of the AKVS,, for having come up with such an idea to form a society to take Dr Kalam’s principles to people.

Dr Ponraj, who was the former adviser to Dr Kalam and who was the special Guest at the event, recalled how Dr Kalam was a wide thought scientist and said, ‘he gave sustainable solutions to many of the world’s problems in areas such as healthcare, environment, agriculture, energy, water and infrastructure’.

Former Diplomat Mr K Kesavapany, the President of AKVS said that many of the values that Dr Kalam espoused such as meritocracy, religious harmony, tackling income inequality, science for the benefit of society and inspiring youth are in line with those of Singapore’s and there is much for Singaporeans to learn from Dr Kalam’s life and value, which would be the objective of this Society.

The lively vocal concert comprising both carnatic and cine songs and also the Gayatri veena that was performed by Ms Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, a visually impaired moved many into tears.

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